Hello fellow eLearners!

This is just a quick sample of the fun things you can do here.

Other than writing you can also embed all kids of stuff by clicking on the writing area, and then clicking on the plus button in the circle the looks like this.

Here’s an animation from my Google photos:

(inserted by pressing the + button and then the < > button which is the ‘add an embed button’)

Here’s a tweet from my twitter about the coolest thing I’ve seen on the internet in a long time (I’ll try to post about it later, it’s a mind blowing piece of interactive fiction). Let’s follow each other:

(again I used the same button and just pasted a link to my tweet)

Here’s a video from my Favourite’s list (feel free to follow me on YT as well:):

(Added using the + button then the video play button (triangle in the 2nd circle)

Almost done. Here’s a poem I wrote and read on Soundcloud, a social medium platform I only just remembered but I would’ve for sure made a slide about if I had remembered it earlier:

(again I added this by pressing + and then <> and pasting a link to the track)

Lastly, those three little spacing dots above and below are added by pressing the + button and then the — — button

(I think by now you can figure out how I added this:)

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