And the winner of iPhone X Challenge is…

We present you the winner of our iPhone X Travel App Uplabs community Challenge!

🎊 Congratulations to Falco Liebau for creating this breathtaking iPhone X app that in the end collected over 500 upvotes and thus won the first place!

In total, we had over 200 well-designed apps that have received countless praises, votes and comments from the community. We were very surprised by the creativity of participants and honestly blown away by some of the submitted designs 🙌.

As promised, Falco will have the opportunity to enjoy a one-on-one personal mentorship session of 45 minutes with Jae-seong Jeong, Visual Designer & Prototyper. Big 👏 to you, Falco!

We also want to thank every single designer who took the time to create the submission for this challenge — we hope that it was a great learning experience for you all and that you have enjoyed this challenge. We are already cooking something new for you 🥘.

To honour you efforts and time spend on this Uplabs challenge, Further on we are presenting you the Top 10 iPhone X Travel Apps that have been curated by our community. And also, don't forget that all designs are easily to be downloaded from our webpage! Cheers 🎉

1 - Travel Guide by Shashank Sahay

9 - Travel Guide by

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