9.03 — Upline’s Friday Flash campaign!

Upline Solutions
Mar 7, 2018 · 2 min read

Not familiar with flash campaigns yet? In short, it’s GOOD and — it’s OVER in a flash — so get youself set up for Friday!

A lot is happening and we want to give even more speed to the momentum — so what have we come up with?

The answer: Unbelievable bonuses with up to 100% additional bonus to your investment.

What does 100% bonus exactly mean?

You invest €3000 — we count it as €6000. Instead of 30.000 UPL you get 60.000 UPL tokens. Double. That simple.

Here are the ranges:

Investment — Bonus

  1. Up to 400€ — 60% bonus
  2. 400–3000€ — 80% bonus
  3. 3000€ and up — 100% bonus

Don’t have an Upline investor account yet? Go to https://ico.upline.solutions/register/

If you are already Upline’s investor, we’ll give you 100% bonus on EVERY purchase on 9th of March — thank’s for your support! You can buy tokens here: https://ico.upline.solutions/cabinet/

60% bonus example:
You invest €100 — we give you +€60 worth of tokens. 1600 tokens in total.

80% bonus example:
You invest €2000 — we give you +€1600 worth of tokens. It’s the same as if you bought €3600 worth of tokens! 36.000 tokens.

And finally the 100% example:
€10.000 investment will be doubled! — You get 20.000€ worth of tokens — which is 200.000 tokens.

Only 1 day. March 9th.

Upline Solutions

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Simplified and duplicable solution for Network Marketing: https://upline.solutions. || Our ICO: https://ico.upline.solutions.

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