Bangladesh: A Challenge Unknown

In my Childhood I always use to hear stories from Grandparents about Bangladesh, little did I knew then, that I will take up a challenge in Bangladesh, a country which is so near yet so far.

Signing up for a role in a country that is unknown is something very different and difficult, as I signed up and I appeared for my Interview, I had this feeling that whether I will be able to face the challenges that I am up for? Will it be possible for me to adapt the culture there?

All these questions became irrelevant, when I really sat down and tried to understand my why of that particular role that I signed up for. Bangladesh might not be the first country you think of when selecting a travel destination, yet it has a lot to offer .Bangladesh is a country with more than 37% of the population being the Youth and facilitating Cross-cultural exchanges for the youth and making them more aware about what’s happening across the globe is something that keeps me going.

I don’t know what surprises are waiting for me in the coming year, I am all set to enjoy the Bangla Ride.

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