My Approach and Experience with Eating

I have gone through it all, yo-yo dieting, crash dieting, IIFYM and even binge eating. Took me 2 years to figure out that when it comes down to it’s how you approach the way you look at a diet. I don’t look at food as “good” or “bad” but by it’s nutritional value. There is no secret diet out there, no magic pill, no detox juice and no body wrap that will just magically make you reach your goal to a different physique and or body composition. What it comes down to is how much you eat and how much you move. These two factors are the most important things. My approach is a whole foods approach while enjoying the treats I love in moderation, I find this has worked the best for me. I typically will go to the gym 4 times a week and lift weights as that is what I prefer and I’ll usually also try to go for a 30 minute walk on days I don’t do physical activity. I love walks and enjoy being outside, but if you’d rather go to the gym and walk on the treadmill or go on the stair master then go ahead, do what you love! It’s finding the simplicity that works best for you. The reason I stick with the whole foods approach is because first, it keeps me full longer, second you can eat more because you have more volume of food cause technically most plant-based foods are lower in calorie, third you are maximizing your energy for better performance and fourth you are BETTERING your health which is and should be your main focus when it comes down to it. You can look fantastic but be unhealthy, have illnesses and always feel sluggish which in my opinion doesn’t make sense, but this is my approach and like I said before do what works for you to reach your goal. In the end, it’s your body, not anyone else’s.

Quoted by Greg O’gallagher (Kinobody)
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