Beauty and the beast

It is a American film, realised in march 17, 2017. It is a family, fantasy, musical and romance film.

Beauty and the beast is an adptation of the fairy tale about a beat an a young woman who fall in love. Belle (Emma watson) lived with her father and one day he left to work and said that he would come back tomorrow so the next day she was wainting for him, but he didn’t arrived. His horse took her to the place where he was. In this place lived a beast who was holding him. She stayed in the castle instead of her father. With their coexistence they fell in love.

The movie is over-the-top, however some criticis not keen on the my opinion the movie is hilarious.

Emma Watson is a great actrees.

The animation is very good and teh effects too.

I recommend this movie for all ages and to watch with your family.

Isabella Ferreira