The Beauty and The Beast

Emma Watson is a beautiful princess on her small village in this romantic, fantasy, musical and drama film that was released on march 16, 2017.

‘’The Beauty and The Beast’’ is about a prince who has cursed because he was a very bad person, so a witch turned him in a terrible beast. The curse could only be broken if one day he learned how to love. One day, he arrested a man in his castle because the man tried to pick one flower of his garden for his daughter. When the daughter of the man (Belle) discovered about her father’s situation she offered herself to get arrested in the castle in his place.

The film was directed by Bill Condon and stars Emma Watson, who plays her part very well for my liking, I am really keen on with this kind of film and actors.

After read the film review I expected more in some parts. However, the direction is good and the special effects are amazing!

The film is a romance, fantasy, musical, drama and also describe the love between Belle and her father, the confidence that Belle and beast develop to each other. Although even who doesn’t like fantasy films should see this movie because it is a fantastic world and you also can like.

Helena Daloia