Titanic is a 1997 American epic romance-disaster film directed, written, co-produced, and co-edited by James Cameron,that happens in the year of 1912,which is the year when the transatlantic RMS Titanic Shipwrecked and caused the death of 1514 people. The film is based on a love story that happened on this ship.

Titanic begins with Rose DeWitt Bukater telling her story in RMS Titanic and how she found her love on there.Rose boarded the ship with her fiance, Cal, and, Although she was going to marry a Rich man,she was very unhappy and decided to commite suicide,by jumping off the ship. Fortunately,she was barred from killing herself by a third-class passenger, Jack, who developed a friendship with Rose. This friendship turned into love, which was threatened until the end of the film, but even with all the difficulties, true love prevailed.

The film stars Rose ( Kate Winslet ) , Jack ( Leonardo DiCaprio ). Rose is portrayed as a high-stakes middle-class woman, but also very influenced, especially by her mother, who forced her to marry Cal, an oil tycoon who would solve the family's economic problems.

In my point of view,this film is one of the best films of all time. It is catchy,original and uplifting and it also has an important message : it doesn't matter if someone is rich or not,you should love the person who has a good heart.The film had impecable perfomances, amazing movie set and wonderful script,it is no wonder that it was nominated for 14 oscars.

Everyone who goes or used to go to the cinema ought to watch this masterpiece,because, it had the second best grossing in the world, only losing to Avatar and because,to my mind,it is the best epic romance - disaster film of all time. There is no film which can overcome it in quality.

Thales Rodrigues