Writing task 1

AVATAR is a story of fiction that happens in the year of 2154, but that does not have a message nothing futuristic, on the contrary; The message that the film brings us is that if the human being does not reestablish its connection with nature and come to respect it, the future will be chaotic.

The film is set on Pandora, a satellite with an exuberant nature, and also rich in a very valuable mineral for humans, the unobtanium, that would solve the energy crisis of the planet. By now, everything on Earth would have been destroyed and humans sought to colonize other planets behind their vital resources. Since Pandora’s atmosphere was toxic to humans, the Avatar Program was created, which consisted of the creation of hybrid bodies of human DNA and Na’vis, remotely controlled through the minds of their human owners. Through these bodies, men would reach out to the natives, with their customs and their schools, and would try to persuade them to leave their homes so that they could be exploited consensually.

What they did not expect was that the natives were so attached and attached to nature and their home. Before the reaction of the natives, the Na’vi, the humans declare war and open fire against who was only defending what is yours, without mercy.

The film also shows us, in a very direct way, how we human beings behave in the face of a great opportunity to make money, which only has value among our society, and we corrupt ourselves to the point of creating wars, destroying civilizations and To commit the most varied atrocities in the name of greed and power.

AVATAR is more than a story: it is a warning that if we, the human beings, take no steps to preserve and respect our nature, we will end up losing the most precious thing we have and it will be too late to start over and Try to make up for lost time.

Vinicius Andrade

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