Zootopia, is an animation with animals in a city where predators and prey live together in harmony. Zootopia is a very optimist and idyllic.

The main character is the Bunny Hops , a little bunny that wanted to be a cop , but usally big animals where cops.

Then Hops gone to the big city she met a red fox named Nick.

'Zootopia' was directed by Byron Howard & Rich Moore and co-directed by Jared Bush. It's hard to imagine any child or adult not being fun and excited about parts of it. The compositions and lighting are kinder than you tend to get in a 3-D animated film starring large-eyed animals that speak to the voices of celebrities. And there are some sections that are a lovely transport, in particular, any sequence involving the pop star Gazelle (voice of Shakira) and high speed train ride Hops' towards and through Zootopia, which introduces different city land (including frozen tundra And misty forest), leaving room for a chase to walk through the city of rodents allows Hops to know what it feels like to be a giant.

This film is for my liking because it is a musical animation whit political critics in a very funny way.

Despite having an Oscar I didn’t think that is a funny film for little kids , because it isn’t popular like Moana , but the critics are exelent.

I liked zootopia however , I prefer comedy films.

Beatriz De Gerard — UI1