We all possess the power to impact our world…

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Our world is in crisis and requires our urgent attention. (We all know this by now)

The issues at hand are considerable, grand, global, wicked challenges. To tackle them requires a MASSIVE shift in culture and way of doing. Our governments, investors, giant corporations, entrepreneurs, and consumer values must shift from the standard lens of capitalism and disposability to looking at the world as a precious resource screaming to be heard, loved, and respected.

The past 2 years were a slap in the face, a wake-up call to action. And at the same time, we have plunged into darkness many of us thought was never possible again.

Trying to stay positive and optimistic is a daily struggle. But suppose you immerse yourself into a world of possibility and notice we are at an age of unprecedented technological growth. People are finally awake and harnessing technology to solve these grand wicked problems. Then, your spirit may be lifted and will provide the push to persevere.‍

The people who head down this turbulent path of changing the world are the heroes of our time. They have incredible minds that know how to harness the power of technology and are building solutions that seem to belong in futuristic movies.

But building these solutions is only half of the equation. They need to be brought to market. They require investment and marketing, and they need to be sold. As much as we condemn capitalism for ruining our world, we must realize the importance of money and growth. Growth allows us to invest in sustainability and fuel inclusivity.

Instead, what if we create a global economy that is driven by impact? An economy where purpose drives business and values are guided by empathy for people and the planet. As utopian as this sounds, it must be possible. If we believe, then we can find a way.

What is my story? I have a knack for sales, marketing, and business strategy. Working in this field energizes me and allows me to express my creativity and problem-solving skills. But I wanted to use my talents for good. I do not possess the technical skills required to harness technology and build a solution for green energy or bring clean water to the far-reaching villages of Africa. But what I can do is help those technologies succeed. I can help their businesses thrive.

That is why I created UppLevel.‍

In 2021, I lost my job due to circumstances outside my control. This was heartbreaking, but it was also a blessing. It allowed me to do something I have wanted to do my whole life — become an entrepreneur. Finding my path has taken time. Although I am still wandering and feel I will be for a lifetime, I have decided to use my talents to support these brilliant founders in their pursuit to change the world.

This post is my very long battle cry. If you are moved in the slightest by reading these words, if you feel a little tingle in your body and fire in your belly, then stop and feel it. Let it consume you. And reflect on how you can harness your own power and talents to make a positive impact in someone’s life, in your community, in your country, or even in the world. ‍

Let yourself become inspired! This does not have to mean quitting your job and changing your life completely. It could be a few hours of your time a week that you donate. Or maybe you embrace a life-changing call to action. Whatever it is, I believe in you.

Some of you may already be following a call to change the world somehow. So to you, I say, share your stories! How did you find the courage to stand up and start? How did you take action?

The law of inertia is powerful. Once you get moving, it’s hard to stop. But you have to move. Otherwise, you will go nowhere.

My hope for us all is that the efforts we take together will promote the growth of a global impact-economy. Imagine a world where all business profit is driven by purpose and empathy for people and our planet. Sounds beautiful, yes?

… Let’s make it happen together. 🌍 ✌🏼😊

If you want to continue to keep tabs on my adventure and get little bits of inspiration, then follow and subscribe!

If you are a startup looking for GTM advice and want to chat, hit me up @ hello@upplevel.com :)

…and applauds are always appreciated 😊




Helping startups upplevel 🚀 && maybe a bit of inspiration

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Jessica Michelle Hollinger

Jessica Michelle Hollinger

Helping startups upplevel 🚀 && maybe a bit of inspiration

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