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Sep 17, 2018 · 2 min read

I guess I’ll stick with my iPhone 7 for this year too, but what I’m really into buying this year is an Apple watch series 4. Even though Apple didn’t claim it before, apple watches have saved a lot of lives before, they gave an alert if the heart rate went too low or too high. With an announcement from Apple, it indeed made me double sure it’s now going to work 100/100 times. The Apple watch features an FDA approved ECG on your wrist, the first time its ever seen on such a portable device.

The ECG feature is currently available in the USA only, for which if you are outside USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico, or Canada, and decide to buy the watch from the USA for the ECG, the cellular bands on the USA model won’t work outside these 4 countries. Apple has said they would be working to bring the ECG app to other countries soon, maybe they are awaiting approval from the authorities?

You would easily notice the weak nerve for most of us is our health, with heart attacks being the most prominent cause of death around the world, Apple has gone a step further to rule our heart, and I am not even sure anymore if it’s just for profits. Apple’s really starting to make me believe they really care for their customers, they embrace us and with the watch, they are really putting our health first.

The watch is indeed waterproof like the other generations, all while featuring an actual ECG capable device on your wrist. The ECG isn’t the best test to use as preventive measures, and it’s kind of paradoxical that now you can check it anytime you want with this watch. It’s the best thing you would want in case of an actual heart attack, the actual work of an ECG is to detect arrhythmia, which is irregular heart rhythm. Combined with a low-high heart rate detector and the convenience of an ECG within 30 seconds on your wrist, there will definitely be a lot of prevented deaths from heart attacks.

Apple has done it yet again, while I have been watching the health-related features since the first iteration of the watch, Apple has finally brought it into broad daylight with their announcement, Apple really does know how much we love keeping a check on our anxious heart. It’s up to you on deciding if you want to buy the Apple’s over-priced watch, it comes with Apple’s unmatched reliability and a peace of mind, which for me at least, is way more important than a 400 dollars.


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