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Digital marketing.

Digital marketing is advertising and selling your product on the internet and digital devices connected to the internet. Since we are spending most of our time on the internet in a day, digital marketing has a true potential in advertisement in this era.

Here’s what comes under the vast spectrum of digital marketing.

1. Non-linear approach made possible with digital marketing.

The non-linear approach includes campaigns for idea implementation in customer’s mind and isn’t just limited to seeding it, but to further improvise the idea while involving customers to evaluate it themselves. The idea of non linear approach came with the need to stop being intrusive as most conventional linear marketing approaches, it involves seeing and feeling yourself as a part of the product. The whole idea revolves around customer satisfaction and making them feel good about using your product.

2. Segmentation.

The tools or platforms you use for digital marketing has made it much simpler to simply choose your segment audience, it maybe teenagers or people in their 40’s or even people living in a specific area or country. Segmentation allows the company to focus on their potential customers rather than publishing content for everyone like broadcast marketing.

3. Game adverts.

Many people prefer watching small adverts rather than paying for a premium version of a game, this helps the developer to sustain while keeping the game free using advertisements. In-game advertising has newly emerged as a digital marketing platform and has been surveyed to hold more potential than any other form of digital marketing, that’s because you simply don’t put down your phone in middle of a game and if the advertisement is interactive (like a demo of a game) enough customers may actually interact and follow the link.

4. Online PR.

Online public relations are not only the backbone of non linear marketing, but it represents the face of the company in digital market. Maintaining public relations has got simpler with ways to select how many people you reach online, but no matter who your customers are if they don’t feel good about your service and product they are not going to come back to you. Maintaining PR is the key for creating loyal customers, most importantly in digital marketing.

Ways to improve your digital marketing.

Distributed presence.

As most of our time is being spent on the internet, whether its for work or leisure, the chances of making a distrusted presence increase exponentially. Tools like google adsense allow the flow of information all around its network, every banner of advertisement you see on google’s network is specially curated from all the data collected while you browse. Making it possible to display products you’ve been eyeing on from a shopping website, or any product you may have shown interest in while spending time on it on browsing their respective websites.


While there are a lot of tools which make digital marketing easier, its more important to maintain metrics and plan ahead. The market segmentation can save a lot of money if planned properly, the offline marketing channels should not be ruled out completely depending on your product. The balance between two can only be maintained with planning, as offline channel usually includes 2 or more generations of a family, products used by everyone, or seeking family approval as decision should focus more on broad-casting channels.


Digital marketing is not limited to social media and in-game advertisements, it actually spreads to every possible website and product (connected to internet) looking to make a profit by using advertisements. Google created adsense, and have already set firm feet in the segment which is considered the best and safest bet when considering conventional advertising, but google doesn’t hold power on social media websites like facebook and instagram, they have their own advertising schemes with very powerful segmentation which allows you to reach your specific potential customers.

Find your own customer centric USP’s and portray them in your original way.

Interactive and creative content is what’s going to set you apart from your competitors, find your USP and portray it in as interactive way as possible. The face of what you portray on digital marketing can build or break your reputation so choose wisely.

Final words.

Both promoting posts and good content go hand in hand, if you could reach a million people with an unclear message it’s a waste, and if you allocate your entire budget in creating content limiting your reach to a 100 people it’s a waste too. Find a balance between these and you could excel at digital marketing.