Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

How to use feedback for success

Feedback can be seen as formal as well as informal day-to-day communication between, peers or colleagues, customers and reviewers. However, there is no existing divide between assessment and teaching in the area of attaining feedback for learning.

Feedback can possibly go in a wrong direction when the seeker is inbound to praise, or simply when the giver is bound to negativity. But on a larger scale, what marks importance of feedback is the way it simply helps us improve. Without feedback a vacuum is created where we are heading to a road for devastation. As far as times have been, feedback has been always required to make the product better.

Even if you have made the best product, you will need timely improvements to avoid a burn-out. You can never go circles around the same product thinking its the sensation of the century, rather you need to reach out for a survey to your customers to acknowledge the flaws. Customers have a different perception for a product than you. If you try to be on two boats you will always sink, don’t try to switch places with the customer and rather seek feedback to improve.

The need for feedback is much more than the product you are building, most businesses turn out to be a short term success since they don’t actually make what people want. And believe it or not, the human tendency is to change priorities as soon as they have it. That means you could make a business plan advancing thoughts to a point that your product would never fade out of timely updates. The most prominent example of this is the Iphone. We all live in an era of smartphones, there are a thousand competitors to the Iphone but it stands out taking 75% of profits made on smartphones around the world. The strategy it takes is simple, apple plans ahead of time what are they going to turn into an innovation every year. The USP of Iphone is it runs ios. With feedback and development, apple has been on the top of the crown for 10 straight years.

We are talking about the world’s largest enterprise that is worth 800 billion dollars. The simplicity is mind boggling for customers, if there is one thing that have not changed in smartphone era it is the Iphone. Even the only competition apple had has faded out in realms of more public android and ios, we are talking about the most successful software enterprise microsoft. Microsoft has called it quit on windows phone since they could not make up more apps as people are running away from it, the users are so less that no one is making investment in windows applications. The difference of feedback is simple, you can be the largest enterprise of the earth and still fade out if you don’t assess what customers actually want.