How technology can ensure viability for food industry.

The ecosystem of your business is the key to making it sustainable. With quality staff and a bit of planning all you need to look forward to is, a well designed interface. With an estimated number of app downloads in 2017 being 269 billion, the improvement led by technology is unquestionable. Apps have made a way bigger impact than what was predicted. After less than 72 hours, more than 70% of downloaded apps are deleted, design and user interface owns the key to achieving a successful acceptance. We create a better connection which eventually leads to hassle free service and experience for both the customers and the owners. We drive the connection forward by implementing a system, which places every component of your ecosystem in one line and just let the information flow.

The market is evolving and switching to mobile app ordering and payments. There is way more to apps than just ordering and picking up your order, apps now-a-days are enabled with high precision location based tracking allowing for an exact representation of preparation time. The minimum human interaction leads to lesser errors and eliminate the need for repeated customizing compared to generic store based ordering. The one touch payments enable much more than just saving time, it also allows managing your budget by pre-loading the exact amount you allocated for a week or even a month. As with app based ordering you can also save with discounts.

Most of us have a fixed routine of lunch, coffee, or breakfast. Most of us wait in long queues for ordering and then an extra 5–10minutes for our order preparation. With the evolution of technology and application based ordering we can finally cut the wait time and effort down to almost zero. We could just reach out the place and pick up our order, it does not matter if it’s your lunch break or you are picking it up while on your way to the office. After placing an order you can track it with a dedicated step elaboration, you will know what step the preparation is at so you have to just reach out and pick it up just in time. Technology has also made prepaid payments easier, you can pay for your order straight from the app by pre-loaded money or a myriad of different payment options.

Another huge problem that can be solved is, having to park your car every time you need to pick your order. You need to park your car and pay a significant parking fee when you aren’t going to spend more than 10minutes there. This leads to a waste of parking space, and leads to an overdrive for your budget.

Food ordering applications enable a better experience with a significant saving of both time and money, for both the owner and the customer. The functional benefits as an owner, includes paying less for a cashier and same could be invested for a waiter delivering to cars.

Most takeaways carry the regular hassle of payments, ordering your routine meal and customizing it, again, and again every single day. With an application saving your most ordered item with all the customizations, apps enable a one click custom ordering every single day. You get an option for trying something new if you are looking for it.

The obstructions and their solutions for implementing app based ordering.

1. Apps feed data to a website, employee training is required to access and process orders.

A well implemented web interface would require less learning effort than any generic database. Any employee who has worked before in food industry can easily accommodate and manage orders.

2. Rush hour orders can lead to a chaos if there is less space, the time to fetch order form the aisle could lead to more waiting time than generic ordering.

The store would need renovation to create 2 or more picking aisles to accommodate for rush hour, the app could be used to display the aisle number from which you can pick your food.

3. Waiting for a parking space, while buying an expensive parking ticket every single day.

The staff required for taking an order can be replaced by delivering staff for catering customers who don’t want the hassle of stepping out of the car, offering a delivery outside the store can be a game changer for food stores.

4. Customising the same order repeatedly, each and every day.

Apps can be used to save data about your choices, even if you have a different one for each day. You only need to place the order through the single click approach or a voice command, and a pre-customized order would be prepared by the time you reach out for it.

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