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How to hack through Monday blues

Most of us live for the weekend and like every great thing in life, it ends sooner than expected. As soon as you blink its Monday again. Suffering a day every week means suffering for 14.285% of your entire life. Here are some tips to help you to cope up with Monday morning blues.

· Start living one day at a time.

Most of us feel a rush of panic when we think about Mondays, that’s because we are almost at all of the times accustomed to procrastinating. It feels like whenever you start living a bit, its the first day of the week again. Having a feeling for unreasonable expectations is harmful for your health, find a way to avoid thinking about future events and start living in the present. You would observe much better quality of life, take out time everyday to read a book or a newspaper. Devote at least 30 minutes each day to learn something new.

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· Controlled drinking.

Social drinking is being more widely accustomed than it was supposed to be, have you heard about the club which helps people curb their work stress?

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You guessed it right. It’s the bar, and the meetings are held every weekend. Its fine to enjoy a bit, but avoid binge drinking as much as you can as it usually leads to messed up Monday mornings and dreaded headaches. Always drink responsibly, or you are going to be drowsy the next day trying to remember what happened. Also avoid drinking on Sunday at all times!

· Cut down caffeine on Sundays.

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If you are a caffeine addict, you can make up for Monday blues by skipping your coffee on Sunday and resuming back on Monday. Although caffeine isn’t very harmful to the body, it’s highly addictive and you should avoid it if you can. But if you choose to, it can be used as a great hack for killing the Monday blues.

· Set morning goals for Mondays.

An hour of exercise could help kill all that bad vibe, exercise releases a rush of happiness and could sway you out of the blues. As a replacement for exercise, you can try meditating and yoga. Avoid deadlocked schedule, sleep early and wake up early to find time for exercise. Start exercising daily for better quality of life in both physical and mental aspects.

· Avoid piling up work for Mondays.

Do extra work on Fridays to cut down work load on Monday, if your job’s of such a genre. This would provide you with both a sense of accomplishment and would boost your mood for the coming night, double the enjoyment and half the worry!

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But who’s going to remember anyway? *sigh*.

· Avoid heavy breakfast.

Eating a heavy breakfast can leave you yawning on Monday mornings, and would also kill the vibe of office environment. Go for a light breakfast, or a natural breakfast such as salads or fruits to stay energetic throughout day and slay the blues.

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