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Sep 4, 2018 · 2 min read

A lot of people will guide you with how you should earn and defend a great credit score with your life, most of them are either just mumbling what they heard or earn through ‘get your free credit score’ websites and ad postings. Either way, spending most of your time and effort to build a credit score and maintain isn’t worth the hassle after all.

Here are the benefits associated with a good credit score:

  1. Credit cards: We believe the need for extra credit should only be available when you really need it, instead of overspending and for buying the things you don’t need. Here’s our take on ‘Is a credit card really worth it?’, read and tell us in the comments section if we were able to pull you out of this vicious cycle created by these money churning banks.
  2. Less rate of interest on bank loans: No matter how much people make you believe you will get a low-interest rate from bank loans if you have a great credit score, it’s certainly not the case. The difference in interest rates start from a near perfect score of 850 in your credit report and to land anywhere near that means a lot of hassle and stress. Compare your upcoming stress-related hospital bills and an extra interest of 1000 over a 100 thousand, you will see for yourself what’s more worth it.

And that’s all folks! So much hassle and regrets for this!

Some benefits associated with not worrying about a good credit score:

  1. Not stressing your head off: We strive for a worry-free life and then lose our hair worrying about something as meager as a credit score, once you chuck credit cards and credit score worries out of your life, see how well your days’ been.
  2. No overspending: Credit cards enable spending over 10 times of your monthly salary in just a swipe, not just these material things you buy don’t hold any value, they lose up sentimental value even faster, and all that remains is regret.
  3. No puny calls: A low credit score means fewer calls from credit card companies and fewer hassles in your daily lives. The amount of advertisement and emails you rid yourself from, is a bliss of its own.
  4. No more maintaining money that isn’t yours: With great spending power comes greater responsibilities. Ten times your monthly salary in your back pocket that’s in dire want of a spending, means your responsibilities increase a 100 folds, and every time you glance over that unwanted gadget or jewelry, you have to tell yourself no against a situation in which you just couldn’t have afforded it.

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