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Enormous love for Apple, but we further consider other androids, and I still won’t be buying a note 9.

Aug 10, 2018 · 3 min read

The complexity lies within the strings held by Apple, even on a performance scale, why would anyone never choose a Samsung over and an Apple. Samsung is one of the biggest and greatest conglomerates in the world, but Apple takes it up to be the first technology company to reach the 1 trillion mark.

I currently use an Apple iPhone 7, and here’s why I consistently chose Apple over Samsung.

If you have ever used an Apple’s Ios beta software update, you’d see how they eventually improve over 6–10 beta releases. If there’s a crash issue, it mostly happens with particular applications, making their developers vigorously work upon a stable release and compatible build till the time for an official public release comes up. The optimization is over the roof when compared to bloated and under-worked androids, a Samsung not only sinks in benchmarks, it even fails to provide hassle-free daily usage.

I get it that most ‘illegal’ things you would want to do with an android, like, downloading a movie through torrents, or a song, or an aftermarket application’s apk, aren’t possible with the iPhone. But most of these don’t really matter if you look ahead to a simple and legal life. We have a plethora of subscription services these days and the library not only matches our needs but has an inventory we won’t be finishing in our whole lifetime. The content on subscription-based services gets updated daily without missing out anything that comes out, and it costs way less than the legal hassles you would look forward to upon pirating stuff.

Here’s why if you already have an android and still shouldn’t buy a Note 9.

If you believe in showing off and still make the most of ‘android’, you can have an Oppo find X, which I believe, is still less bloated than Samsung’s and is literally the only all screen phone. Its availability may be an issue depending upon where you reside and costs as much a Note 9.

If you need power, you can have a Oneplus 6, which kind of makes sense because it’s for half the price and you can literally buy two of them instead of buying a note 9. Well, it’s even less bloated than Oppo. Moreover, Oneplus doesn’t void warranty if you choose to install a custom ROM. I believe most people who choose an android over ios are power users, and the unique flexibility one plus offer for installing a custom ROM stands above rests of android phones.

Why you may consider a Note 9.

S-pen is a great piece of technology, but unlike being useful for everyone it just lies in the phone for some. If you are an artist or a designer and wouldn’t mind compromising a better phone or spending double the money for inferior hardware, you are good to go with a note 9.

Dex support, it’s pretty awesome but simply doesn’t justify the price Samsung’s asking for. As discussed above, people using Android are power users and wht would anyone want to compromise and spend an extra 500$, instead of buying an actual notebook for another 500$?

Fortnite is exclusive for note 9 for 30 days. LOL, iPhone’s had it since 5 months.

That’s all folks, thought you would find more reasons?

You got to be kidding.


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