Photo by Kai Oberhäuser on Unsplash

Stop talking about your customers, start talking to them.

We have all been in a phase where we needed to deliver the real course but just managed to pull it off the edge, the reason this happens is because we are overly obsessed with what we could than what we should. It all starts with making haste decisions finally leading to regret and losses.

Even if you’re the real MVP and think you’re going to change the world, people won’t believe you if you don’t believe in them. Being obsessed with what you can deliver would leave undermined efforts, you can run as much as you want but the concoction of doubt will always catch you. Building trust upon yourself rather than your company is what you should seek.

Here’s how you can manage what you deliver really matters to the customer.

· Decide values you portray.

Deciding upon a marketing scheme is real difficult when considering probability of customers who are actually interested in your product, rather seek values malleable to your interests and make them theirs. The real reason a well made product fails is because there is no demand for it, plan in advance customers you’re targeting and take measures to make believe the value of your product to customers.

· Learn complementary goods and their economy

Make your way into the minds of customers by implementing your product in a way that it complements goods that are used daily by a customer and hold an emotional value on improving it further. The simplest explanation of complementary goods is milk and breakfast cereal. Breakfast cereal was introduced as a complement to milk and gained popularity all the way into becoming most popular breakfast around the world.

· Choose your values.

You can portray good value, better usability, effort reduction, or simply passing time with your product. But it is when you have to choose wisely, the customer will always refer to your product with the value you portray. While you can portray more than one value, it usually creates a void of confusion and leaves all you portray to dust.

· Groom yourself before representing the company.

Steve jobs was praised and loved not because he made apple, but because he was very eccentric and intelligent and people believed in him. People loved apple because Steve jobs made it. Know the difference you make when you portray yourself to the word and maintain public relations.

· Make customers believe in themselves

One of the most valuable lessons in product marketing is to make a product which empowers the customer and make them feel good about it. The best products are bought because people feel the need to buy the product for their own good and improvement. The one value which will never fail is making the customer believe in them and opening a whole new world of possibilities.

· Privacy is the root value you must always endure.

The one thing you should always consider is to empower people so they feel secure and their private life should be taken very seriously, security and privacy is one of the most important feelings to seek when marketing a product you want people to accept and use.