Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

The non-linear approach for digital marketing.

Digital marketing has enabled small brands with an option of implementing non-linear marketing strategy. Marketing can be categorized into linear and non-linear marketing approach. Linear marketing is the generic marketing approach and is almost all of the time an intrusive approach towards marketing. Non-linear marketing approaches focus on non-intrusive advertisement and publicity. Non-linear approach is difficult to implement and while it won’t make your customers cringe by popping up advertisements in between their schedule, it’s very typical than the generic marketing approach. The customers who are converted by non-linear approaches are 2 times more likely to be long term.

1. Online market place

Many online marketplaces offer a non-intrusive marketing approach using the order in which they list products. This approach is used as a potential revenue generator for online marketplaces. For example nike buys the top space when someone searches ‘sport’ on a fashion website, this would list nike at top of the page search. Websites like amazon include a listed ‘sponsored’ section with a badge. A different space over and above the normal listings is provided when you take this option.

2. Blogs and vlogs

The brand image is what represents the brand as a whole, it can be built by publishing quality blogs and vlogs. Every social media website can be used as a free sharing platform for your content. Most websites also offers an option to boost post, which can help you reach a multitude of customers. Promotions and reach can be segmented according to your preferences, usually based based upon area, age or gender as well as many more parameters. As long as the content fills in a part of customer’s life or emotions, no one cares if it’s sponsored as it takes minimum effort to follow or like a page. When customers start seeing your potential, a trust for the brand builds in their heart.

3. Campaigns

A campaign with significant prizes improves brand’s image, and you can easily sway people to invite their friends and family as a step for participating. The cost of this sort of advertisement would be 10 folds less than leasing online or offline advertising space. With a lesser budget allocation and a bigger reach, this approach builds customers who ought to be permanent.Campaigns which involve prizes are on the rise as they usually create ripple effect.

4. Social media

It can filter out the possibly interested customers by segmentation, not only the cost of such advertising is less but makes it less intrusive if a multi utility product or fashion product is being marketed. Usually products that ease effort are preferred to be advertised this way, as they relieve daily stress of customers.

5. Be a part of customer’s life

In non-intrusive approach the need for customer to feel as a part of the brand, or the brand as a part of the customer, holds most importance. If you hold an emotional or sentimental value, it significantly increases the probability of word of mouth publicity.

6. Be loyal in what you offer

Your consistency towards the quality of service and the product determines the probability of word of mouth recommendation and reviews, these are the best form of advertisements because of their very nature. When someone who holds a sentimental value in someone’s life recommends a product, the customer is 5 times more likely to be converted. Mouth publicity can only be achieved when you tap into the needs of the customer.