Why a swarm of start-up ideas portray you as an impostor.

Most of us assume that quantity over quality is better in case of ideas, but exactly the opposite is true. You are not going to cut it until you are hell bent to make it work, and to do so you need to focus. Start-up business is very unconventional compared to regular business and you should always avoid multiple ideas to focus on one.

With the present number of start-ups prevailing, great design and quality are your best bet for success. Exceptional quality of work not only helps you stand out, it also helps you gain trust of customers and investors.

Here’s why trying to row multiple boats at the same time, sinks you.

• Multi tasking is destined to fail.

As we acquire resources, we find ourselves thinking we can do it all. While switching from one task to another is certainly possible, it greatly degrades quality of both the tasks. Simultaneous tasks not only vitiate both the tasks but also lead to an overall bad health consequence, read more about it in How multi-tasking is frying you brain.

• Its impossible to hide your greed.

No matter how much you pose, the greed speaks for itself. Greed would not only drain your health, but also degrade your public reputation. No one has gained too much success in too less time, the people you think of as an overnight success have certainly worked very hard to be one.

• You will always need to strive for success.

No one can ‘strive’ for two things at a single time, if you want to succeed make sure to give it all your focus. There’s no way around for evaluating risks and opportunities, you will have to work it through and thoroughly evaluate everything. There’s no guarantee if it would 100% succeed but if you won’t strive for it, you are guaranteed to fail.

•Never stop trying.

“The mistakes we make are never worthless, either we win or we learn.”

Never forget that it doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed, until you are giving your 100% for it. It only matters if you fail to learn, and you will, if you don’t have all your focus on one idea.

• A race without finish line.

You can’t build a self sustainable business, change is the only constant you need to look forward to. Humans are designed to love, but also abandon as soon as they are bored.

“Success isn’t a destination, but a pathway with milestones at every curve, leading nowhere.”

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