Why you need to improve your values this new year.

We are all governed by our core values throughout the day, be it a long day at work or at the movies. We don’t always realize our values because we are all cognitively biased by them. Talking about our values at the workplace helps us open up to our colleagues and reflect our actual potential. We discussed how it’s tough to actually realize our values, but it gets simpler as we find comfort in relating to them. Here’s the approach you need to follow to make the most of the values ice breaker session.

1. Make a list of the core values which could help you with a segregation you need for every employee, make graphs of each value for every employee. You can use the graph for determining who is time oriented, who is quality oriented, who is the most humble person for handling customers and everything else you seek. You can then make changes to employee’s roles and hand them right roles. At the end of the session you would have attained a graph on how to allocate roles in your company and espy the friction less environment you have just created.

2. Set comfortable time and space convenient for all the employees and make sure no one has to miss the session, it’s hard to find so much free time in start-ups but at the end it’s going to be well worth it. At the end of the session everyone would feel as an essential part of the company and their overall productivity would increase.

3. Seek connection making approach, rather than attempting to intrude their personal space. Make sure that this session improve and improvise the communication gaps which are a potential loss to productivity. With this approach you can easily break the ice between the employees.

4. Situations can reveal essential details about a person’s thought process and values, make a list of well thought of situations to find out the core values and mental biases of your employees.

5. Make a plan to implement the changes you need in company order, tailor made according to every employee. It would increase the overall productivity of the company while improving values of the employees as well as eliminating the communication gaps between them.

6. Don’t hold back and start the session by revealing your core values, set the bar high enough for them to understand their own values and they would eventually get comfortable to speak up about them. Make sure to take notes or record the session for a better analysis.

7. Seek explanations rather than one word answers, if possible create a chart of every employee in advance for the values you assumed as a reference for the ice breaker session,this is essential and useful for the work-up and making the most out of the session.