7 Facts Why Women are Insecure!

Insecurity depicts a feeling of less comfort. It is a general phenomenon. Women are insecure because they’re more emotionally exposed. Insecurity affects thoughts and decisions. It has a negative impact on behavior and interactions.

There are various factors which can lead a woman towards insecurity. Each factor has its cause and influence. Her perception about society, thinking, feelings about someone special, and approach to counter criticism are major factors which determine her strength and capabilities to stay away from insecurity.

Reasons, Why are women so Insecure?


Without any doubt, goods looks and attractive personality are jewels of a woman. A woman with beautiful face cut, alluring body, and charming gestures attracts everyone.

But, imagine a female with short height! Think about a woman, who is bulky! Assume a female, whose figure is flat! These factors, let women feel insecure because it reminds them that they’re not complete. Such women lack in confidence and possess less chances to grow and excel in life because of their limited interaction and hesitant behavior.


Women are very keen and choosy about their dressing. A dress, if compatible with color, figure, and face cut will enhance glamor and beauty of a woman. Everyone will surely admire it. This is what every woman desires! An appraisal!

Consider a woman, who is in a party with her companions, no one praises her dress, nobody notices her, she will definitely make her comparison with other members of the party and will show signs of insecurity because she’ll consider herself inferior!

This kind of situations triggers anxiety and restlessness in women because of their emotional nature, thus causing emotional insecurity.

Aging — Beauty Demolishes:

Aging is a purely natural phenomenon, but, it is a never ending insecurity for a female, because it eliminates a female from category of the pretty woman! Wrinkles, Dark spots around eyes, and less attraction are all nightmares for a female.

Aging brings weakness, which is a defeat for glamour and fascination. Aging create doubts in mind of females about their enthrallment and charm. I believe that is the only reason, females are so rude and impolite when someone questions them about their age!

Marriage — Things women are insecure about:

Will he be perfect for me? Will he cheat on me or not? He’ll accept me as I am? He’ll take care of me? All these questions surround a woman’s mind when she looks for a right match!

It is difficult to pick a right match, if a person is not sure about his/her choice! In case of females, it becomes very difficult to understand what they really want!

Is it money! Personality? Just Love! Everything! All these factors combine to create an ambiguous situation which formulates a long list of unanswered questions. All these things are an indication of an insecure woman. No one has solution to this except the female herself.

Job — Gender Inequality:

Due to male dominant society, working women face a lot of problems. A woman has to work harder, show more character and capabilities to excel in this gender discriminated society.

A less cooperative working environment, rude behavior of colleagues and rigid comments of Boss, all these situations put a female under a lot of pressure. That’s why a woman feel insecure because her companions are not supporting her.

Fear of Losing Love:

To be honest, woman is a compilation of love, care, affection and fear! Fear of losing someone special makes her very concerning, keen and discreet. That’s why, women are always very cautious about their partners.

A woman carefully observes the attitude, behavior, and nature of relationships between her man and other women. She doesn’t trust her man undoubtedly! Her too much congested approach is sign of insecurity in a woman!

Financial Insecurities:

Money is the essential need of every person. A jobless female, who doesn’t owe any financial support, “what are possible options for her to survive?”

Helpless females join shameful professions i.e. swinging, bar dancing and prostitution to fulfill their financial needs because they have no other option for their livelihood. The worst of all, some females prefer joining porn industry which destroys their self-respect, self-esteem and pride of being a woman.

These women are just toys of society, because they are unable to avail a social status which is full of respect, dignity and honor.

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