Best Dating Apps for Android and Iphone users!

Find out the best dating apps to get hooked up this year! We know that finding a partner is not easy but, guess what! Our internet, technology and smart phones have made all this really easy ! All you need to do is signup to these apps and find the right person for yourself, out there!

Finding a perfect partner is as difficult as finding out if a watermelon is sweet or not! Well, the internet can surely not help you with the watermelon, but it has made the exploration of a perfect soul mate very easy and quick for you! A few years back, Internet dating had been about harnessing yourself to the computer. But thanks to the smart phones and location tracking devices, the dating playground has just expanded. Are you single and in search of a perfect soul mate that you desire the most. Check out our best dating apps for hookups and eventually, you will find the right partner for you, sooner or later.

Best Dating Apps For Android


The first app in this list is Badoo, it is best dating apps for relationships, only in terms of the idea. The whole concept of Badoo is to hang out and meet new people, the app works through GPS location tracking and suggests you people who live near you. Like all the dating and geo location based applications this app will also get you some spam bots and also get you connected with people you might want to ignore. But on the whole, it’s a really a great app for meeting people around and who knows you come across your prince charming.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is another interesting and so far the best dating app that is quite parallel to Tinder but is a little more advanced. The whole concept is that every day you get a “bagel” which is the apps categorization for a right match. If you find it right, you can say so, but if you don’t, you can simply swipe and move on to the next day. This is based on mutual friendships and matches get a private chat room to talk and also a selection of questions to get the conversation started. It is not exactly as random as Tinder and gives you matches that are less irresistible in a way. It’s definitely the right app to have if you are not in a rush.


Couplemaker Dating is just another dating app, but an awesome one of those who wants to take things really slow and easy. Each day the app will find a person for you who seem to be a great match. Then you can choose to “favorite” them and if they ever favorite you back then your contact details will be shared with that person and vice versa. This app is gaining a lot of popularity and every day over 2000 people are getting connected to it. It comes in the category of best free dating apps 2016.


Happn is another geo location based connection app where you can connect with people in the world who are around you. The way this app works is you sign up for a profile. Whenever you walk pass another member of Happn, their profile will show on your timeline you can connect with them. Like other different dating apps you can like them, but Happn handles all the likes privately and if the likes is of mutual consent then a connection is made. The mutual consent option is good for those people who don’t want to be jeered by every creep. There is also an interesting charm feature that will show you the profile of the person who really like. It’s free for women, but men have to pay for this feature, though they do get to enjoy some free charms initially.

Best Dating Apps For Iphone


This app is super cool what it does is it lets you look through the profiles on a mysterious basis. So how does Tinder works? Really simple once you start liking someone and that someone also likes you then Tinder reveals your profile to each other. Once you have made a perfect find you can chat with that person regularly and sideways look for other matches too. If you believe in dating and chatting with people anonymously then Tinder is the right app for you.


Among the top dating apps for iphone OKCupid has made its place in the market for quite a time. The most interesting and unique feature of this app is that it shares your common interests and free time to common members of the app. The most common and appropriate matches can advise and give you suggestions as to how you can utilize your free time. If you like any of the suggestions then you can choose to meet up with that person. Sounds pretty cool right!


This is so far the best hookup apps among the major online social dating app. This app is mostly bisexual, bi-curious or for gay men. If you are looking for someone to date or talk to then Grindr is a super great option. If you are gay and you are seeking for gay partners, than this app is all you need.


Similar to Grindr, this app is exclusively for lesbians. Bisexual women who are seeking gay partners will find this app quite interesting. You can seek casual homo dates here. This app has a unique feature and it allows you to face lock your profile. So only those members whom you will select will get to view your profile. You can set up the push notification to see who is visiting your profile and what other lady’s opinion are about your profile. It is a super awesome application for those who are seeking lesbian partners.

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