Up$tart for New Mexico

Confounded by declining enrollment and the prospect of increasing tuition for faculty and staff salary raises, many higher education institutions in New Mexico would benefit greatly from an infusion of revenue. Up$tart, a new initiative being piloted at Northern New Mexico College in Española, will utilize software to bundle applications for social benefits for low-income college students and provide those funds. …


Conceptually, flyover country has a geographic connotation, referring the vast area between coasts, sometimes referred to as the “heartland,” too often neglected in public discourse. But there are social determinants as well, especially gender and race/ethnicity. Sociologists refer to “intersectionality” to denote the interaction of multiple factors that advantage, or disadvantage groups. In this instance, the intersectionality of gender and race/ethnicity accounts for “Maria” gracing the Up$tart website. As the graph below shows, Latina wages have increased marginally since the advent of Pell Grants, introduced in 1972.

Wages in Dollars by Gender and Race/Ethnicity

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While wages of men—whites, blacks, and Hispanics--dipped during the 1980s, then again during the Great Recession, those of white women rose significantly, even as they lagged behind white men. Regardless, wages of Latinas, rose modestly, only $2.11 in inflation-adjusted dollars over three decades. …



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