I’m A Straight, White, Religious Man Raised In A Conservative Family—And Here’s A List Of Everything I Had To Change To Become A Feminist

  • I try to talk less. (I still talk too much.)
  • I try to listen more. (I still don’t listen enough.)
  • That’s it.
  • (Everything else pretty much stayed the same. I still care a lot about basketball, believe the San Francisco Giants will win the World Series this year, eat stupid foods, celebrate everything the Rock does, count down the days until Fate Of The Furious #F8, dream about llama farms, make dad jokes, fart under the covers, eat Reese’s Puffs before bedtime, listen to TrueHoop podcasts, wonder if my wife thinks I’m handsome, call my kids “knuckleheads,” dream about Chick-fil-A sauce, go to movies by myself, shop for records, make playlists of songs that include anything about rats, question what Brie Larson was doing in Kong: Skull Island, make fun of everyone on the Bachelor/ette, enjoy Hostess Donettes way too much, get into stupid arguments, say stupid things I shouldn’t say, force my sons to listen to the new Japandroids record, call my daughter a goofball, chew on the inside corner of my lip when I’m stressed out, drink too much Diet Coke, buy books that I’ll probably never read, pretend that I’m a young Greg Popovich because I’m coaching an 8th grade rec-league team that has gone 6–1, etc. etc. etc. etc.)

Matt Anderson is the CEO/ECD at Struck. He’s also a husband, a father, a San Francisco Giants fan, a vinyl collector and a book reader.

You can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.