10 Unique Ideas That You Can Implement To Make Your Wedding Fun And More Memorable

wedding photo booth

Wedding day is something special. It’s also a memorable one indeed, specifically to you for the rest of your life. Often the simplest of the simple things play a big role in making that special day unique and stand out among the crowd. There are a few unique ways that you can implement to make that day a standout one. Let’s see.

1. Printed beverage coasters

This is a fun ways to ensure the fact that your guests’ drinks aren’t cleared off their tables where they are busying themselves on the dance floor. It’s simple indeed but at the same time the idea’s unique and effective. Unique printed messages on beverage coasters can add more spice to the matter.

2. Balloon splash zone

Make space somewhere in your wedding party, preferably with a wall to attach a number of small balloons to it. Arrange for a few darts as well. Ask your guests to throw them at the balloons with a certain goal.

The goal can be anything. You can implement a few unique ideas here. For example: the guests have to throw the darts in a specific way to form a spectacular balloon painting on the wall. Just improvise as much as possible. It will definitely be fun.

3. Be a little creative with your flower bouquets

Your bouquet can be used for a whole lot of other things other than flowers. Try to be a little creative in this aspect.

Say for example, you pin a unique message to the flowers to make the ceremony more sentimental. You can also pin a photograph of your loved one or a piece of jewelry. You can even hide that unique message to bring the “surprise” factor into consideration.

4. Name your tables individually

You want to keep your guests in the groove; don’t you? Course you do. One of the best ways to do that is to give each of your table a name, preferably a song or a part of the lyrics of a song.

Here’s an example:

“You’ll be my glass of wine
 I’ll be your shot of whiskey.”

- Blake Shelton (Honey Bee)

5. Keep munchies close

You have to keep your guests’ energy levels high. After all, a party’s going on in full swing. Dance floor consumes a lot of energy. Keep munchies close by to keep everyone on the dance floor.

6. Hire a wedding photo booth

A wedding photo booth can give your party that X-factor you craved for. It can also make your wedding memorable to almost all the guests present in the party.

Wedding photo booths are also reasonably priced for almost all occasions. So you can always go ahead and hire one of your choice for a few hours at a reasonable rate to add the zing factor to your party.

7. Gift your guests unique embroidered messages

If your budget allows you to stretch a few pounds further, you can opt for this one.

Arrange for embroidered gifts that can range anything from scarves to handkerchiefs. Embroider a unique message on them and give present them to your guests on the occasion. If possible, try to bring in the random factor into these gifts by embroidering each message separately and individually.

8. Implement a “take away” policy

You have arranged for a big dinner. But you see plenty of it being surplus to requirement.

Implement this policy to prevent wastage. Keep a number of boxes close by so that your guests can take a small portion of this surplus food home for later consumption.

9. Give everyone a sparkler

Step out of the box by creating an excellent photo opportunity. Your wedding ring’s going to sparkle on that very day but how about you take that sparkling thing a bit further? What about sparklers?

Give away sparklers to your guests when it gets dark to create a magical and memorable photo opportunity.

10. Creative lighting

Last but not the least, it must be mentioned that lighting plays a big role in inculcating that zing factor in your wedding. 
 Implement creative lighting effects to transform your wedding place to something magical and memorable on that special day of yours. Such effects can be created easily and economically with proper consultation. Your guests would definitely love it.

So you see it’s not that difficult. Be a little creative and you’ll surely be able to make your wedding fun and more memorable. Wish you the best of luck for your marriage.