How to Help your child deal with the storms of puberty

Attention dear parents! Your baby boy and girl are becoming sexually mature. The onset of puberty is giving them adrenaline rush and increasing the rate of curiosity about the biological changes they are experiencing. Usually, it happens between 10 to 14 years of age in case of girls. The boys get the threshold of the different changes between 12 to 16 years.

A little notion about puberty:-


• Penis and testicles get bigger

• Hair growth in armpits and pubic area

• Muscle growth

• Deepening of voice

• Development of facial hair


• Menstruation starts

• Breast development

• Hair growth in armpits and pubic area

• Voice becomes thick

Our adolescent children (both girls and boys) get acne and pimples, height increases and skin becomes oily.

You must be thinking, “What is my duty to help my child to get through the phase of puberty?”

There is a subtle link between the self-esteem and the physical changes of a child. You must tell your kid that it is entirely alright. Help them understand that they are normal and you love them that way. Assure them that you are always present beside them to help them in any pubescence related problem. If they are still not convinced enough, take the help of a good counselor and visit a doctor.

A reminder:

It is a frightening and intimidating job to explain puberty to the kids. It is rather an excellent idea to begin the discussion before they enter the room of adolescence. Prepare yourself by conversing with other parents, reading books, consulting an adviser to answer any questions they will ask.

Follow these tips:

Explain certain things:

1. Puberty happens to every human. They may feel awkward while talking to you which is natural. You need to be straightforward. Give them the affirmation that it is ok to feel embarrassed discussing the topic. Everyone should know the puberty ups and downs. Tell them that it occurs in the individuals at various ages. Thus some look matured while others still look kiddish at the same age.

2. Give them books on puberty. Prepare them for the hair growth on the body. Your girl must know that her periods are nothing to be afraid of; rather, she is preparing her body to become a mother in future.

3. Tell your son that his pubic and bodily hair growths are conventional during this age. Explain to him that the sudden expansion in height and his genitals are happening to every male of his age. Let him know that the unexpected erections at any time are standard. Be upfront and don’t hide. Fathers can play a familiar role in making the boys understand about puberty.

4. Share your experiences. Make them prepare for the emotional changes leading to the frequent mood swings. They must know that you perfectly understand their moodiness and emotions.

5. Give them encouragement to come with any juvenescence related questions.

Here is a video about puberty for girls:

Understand the stages of puberty for boys:

Progress in the journey of youth:-

A) Sex education

The modern school system has incorporated sex teaching in the curriculum. The training is segregated. The girls get knowledge about menstruation, using bras and sanitary napkins. The boys learn about voice changes and erections. It is necessary to give both the genders adequate lessons for understanding what the opposite sex goes through during this period. The teachers must review the class to explain the underlying questions.

B) Parents are the real source of teaching

Look whether your kid is learning about the growing body through any unethical mediums or peers. The shyness and conservative tradition do not allow us to converse freely with your children regarding sensitive issues. As a result, they depend on other means to get the information which may be vague and form a negative vision from the perspective of puberty. The sexual urge can be taken in a wrong way ending in crime.

Educate your upcoming youth about the hormonal roles during the rare juvenescence:

Certain myths about puberty which must be shunned:-

Finally, I advise the parents to take notice whether your teen is maintaining a healthy hygienic regimen during the puberty. Make sure that they are washing their private body parts regularly to avoid infection and rashes. They must eat healthy food for growing properly. Add more Iron, Protein, and Calcium in your girl’s diet as she is losing blood every month. Check if your kids have bath properly every day for the reduction of body odor, comfort, and clear skin. Ask your girl to change sanitary napkin after every five hours for better protection. It will also help to stop germ buildup in her vagina. Keep an eye on your boy and girl as they tend to curb their sexual interests by watching unethical movies and videos. Don’t worry. Be confident and open. Be the pillar of your adolescent child and support him/her in the mandatory stormy phase of puberty.

Contributed by: Tenderroots

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