The Best Ideas With Photo Booths For Making Memories Perfect

Allan Lloyd
Nov 20, 2016 · 3 min read

Having a photo booth in party is not just about hopping inside the booth, pose with a duck face and leave. The main objective of having them is to have a gala time and make memories that all would remember for long. While photo booths, with its huge array of props, myriad backgrounds, and booth attendants do contribute hugely to strike the right mood, you might want to consider some additional entertainments to amplify the party ambience.

In fact, arrangement of photo booths in one party might differ from the other. It all depends on the type of party you are organizing,

Let us see how it can be done…

#1: Music

When it’s a party, then there has to be some fitting music to set the mood. However, when your guests are heading towards a photo booth, you can go beyond high-energy, groovy tracks. Try the popular music numbers of the past and the present-and set the mood while everyone tip-toes towards the booth.

#2: Props And More Props

Your booth operator will offer some excellent props for sure. Nevertheless, if you are arranging a thematic party, then you might want to add some quirky props that suits the mood of party.

#3: Jokes

When you expect a huge gathering in your party, then there could be some guests who shy away from camera, or get a bit conscious while posing. Nevertheless, with a photo booth, the object is to make all have a good laugh and be at their natural best, even while posing. To shed any inhibitions that your guests might have in front of the camera, the booth operator might crack a good joke to put a natural smile on anyone’s face. You can also print out a bunch of silly jokes and put them inside a jar. Your guests would require them to take out one of them and enter the joke reading its contents.

#4: Striking The Right Pose

Your booth operator, being professionals in the field, can suggest poses to your guests that they would be comfortable with. However, you can also jot down some suggestions for posing and ask your guests to choose from them only.

Some excellent ideas for inspiration include:

A peck on the cheek

► Ultra duck face

► Photo Bombs

The James Bond Pose

Gangnam style

► Signature Dance moves of celebrities

#5: Foods And Snacks

Though the issue of catering might not have a direct relation with photo booth rental, you can never deny the importance of arranging for a hearty meal in a party. The items, however, might vary on the basis of the type of occasion. As for example, for a casual office-employee gathering or home coming party, you can consider a pot-luck party, while make sure that you arrange for at least a high-tea for hard-core corporate, product launch events. Birthday parties and after-prom nights for teenagers do not require much thematic foods; you can order cup cakes, pizzas, a lot of finger foods, non-caffeinated soda and water to keep all happy. And needless to say, for very special occasions like wedding and receptions, you cannot skimp on the gourmet and entertainment question. Make sure that you pay due consideration to both.

#6: Last Word

Its normal that arranging any event can involve more hassles than what you expect it to be, so make sure that you plan everything beforehand. If possible, distribute the must-to-do jobs with your family. Plus, before finalizing the contract with any party supplier, make sure that you ask for references to be sure of your service quality, and also do a little shopping around to ensure that you get the best deal.

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