Top 3 Youtube Videos To Encourage Healthy Habits In Kids

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Tube experience can be so fecund when used rightly! Apps and videos have been the best Jack in teaching kids a whole lot of stuff. But most importantly, what our kids need to develop is interest in healthy and safe habit routine. Uptown toys are sharing Top 3 YouTube videos to encourage sound habits in little kids up to the age of 5, and above also, we hope you will love them.

1.This Is The Way We Wash Our Hads

Our prime favorite is this super lovely song from one of our preferred YouTube channels — Super Simple Songs. The puppet used in this video is sweet. The song teaches basic morning hygiene like washing face, combing hair, brushing teeth, getting ready for school, etc.

2.The baths song

Another one from Super Simple Songs is the beautiful little ‘Bath Song.’ There are additional shower songs on YouTube, but we love this one the best. The same cute puppet highlights in this song too. We wish they devote an entire channel to edifying songs using this figure. The bath song strives at making bath time fun and carries often forgotten body parts such as toes, knees, etc. kids will love it!

3. This is TheWay We-Night Time

When we talk of YouTube videos that encourage healthy habits, we have to consider that this one has been most potent. Forenoon routines are easier to follow, but when the kids come home all dirty by the end of the day, establishing a bedtime hygienics routine is imperative. This song makes it fun. It is sung to the tune of ‘This is the way we’ but in place of ‘early in the morning,’ it says ‘before we go to bed.’ A lovely little song to hum to while you get the kids to wash hands and brush their teeth at night.

YouTube is a source for the bottomless pit of kids videos. But you need to ooze out the best from the not-so-good, or your child can end up absorbing a lot of outcast articles. We took time out to line up top videos for your kids, we have shortlisted few videos that are very good for kids to encourage healthy habits and manners. Thank you for reading this for we are not only a toy provider company but also concerned about the betterment of our kids. Order Best Toys For Kids Online at