Project Crater — an UpWave success story

“UpWave is critical for us. We can focus on doing what we love and not get sidetracked by management.” — Piotr Bakker, Team Leader

Project Crater is a collective of cutting edge, independent developers and designers collaborating on experimental products. They are a free thinking, experimental team driven driven by a shared passion to build tools that will impact people’s lives.

Piotr Bakker, team leader at Project Crater

A global team

The Project Crater team has 5 members in 3 different time zones working with a 14 hour difference. They are led by Piotr Bakker who divides his time between Amsterdam and San Francisco.

Initially, the team wanted to avoid using Project Management software “Many of us had used tools like Trello before and we found it unimaginative and unsitmulating”, says Piotr, “but UpWave seemed like a lot more fun, which is why we signed up. We loved the High Fives and the casual style.”

UpWave is simple, easy, fun

“We wanted a tool that didn’t feel like Project Management. We wanted a feeling of freedom — I think it’s important to make everyone feel empowered. UpWave is just a really easy, simple way of doing Project Management without that corporate, bureaucratic overhead that you typically get.”

Visualising Workflow

Project Crater uses UpWave to organise their workflow as they develop software. They set their projects up as Kanban boards, designating columns for “ideas”, “backlogs” of tasks (to do), “in progress”, “to review” and “completed”. Team members pull tasks into the “in progress” column when they are ready to start working on them.

A representation of a typical Project Crater project

UpWave helps the team work the way they want to

“I don’t impose rules on people, I encourage the team to work on their own initiative. We have a democratic structure which works really well for us.”

“UpWave lets team members work the way they want. Some are in every day and put record all their work in there, which I love! Others use it as a reference tool once or twice a week so they know how the big picture is”.

Beautiful Design

The simplicity and approachable design of UpWave is what got the Project Crater team hooked.

“I love keeping our UpWave projects clean. The biggest challenge for us is avoiding clutter as we get more work done. The archive task function is very useful — it’s reassuring to know that we can remove completed tasks but they’ll always be stored if they become important for version 2.0 of a product.”

The right tool for the team of the future

“We believe that in a few years, the working world will be a lot less formal, a lot less structured and we think there will be great demand for UpWave and this approach.”

Great integrations

“There are two things we can’t work without — Slack and Upwave. The fact that they integrate makes it even better”.

Combining UpWave with Slack makes it the perfect tool for distributed teams like Project Crater.

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