Why we’re doing something different this election

At Upworthy, we have a clear mission.

We tell stories that counter cynicism with empathy, stories that remind us that we can change the world for the better. We work every day to advance this mission by sharing powerful, empathetic stories about the human experience and by elevating the voices and perspectives of people who don’t often get to speak for themselves.


At our core, we believe that climate change is real. We believe that women should be able to walk down the street without being harassed. We believe trans people should be able to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity, that innovation and progress are good, that black lives matter, and that families should be able to stay together, no matter where they are or how they got here. We believe that men in positions of power should not take advantage of the women around them.


So, yes, that means Upworthy is political, in a sense. But we resist attaching ourselves to a specific political party because we believe the issues that matter transcend political parties.

Our normal approach to political coverage is to consider the issues, regardless of the candidates or politicians attached to them.

You won’t find us making fun of a politician’s looks, or petty gaffes, or “gotcha” moments. We prefer to bring you the stories of the people who will be directly affected by climate change, discriminatory bathroom bills, restricted abortion access, or a lack of police reform.

We share stories that aim to lift up solutions and compromise, moments of positivity that show all hope is not lost.

But this year is different because this election is different.

It’s been hard to apply our usual approach when Donald Trump, one of the two major party candidates in the 2016 presidential election, is the antithesis of everything Upworthy’s mission stands for.


We know we have people who identify with a wide spectrum of political beliefs in our audience. Many of you are here because you enjoy the uplifting, hopeful, positive stories. And you will continue to see those stories on our site.

Standing by and looking for positives and silver linings in a campaign filled with hate doesn’t feel very Upworthy. We have covered Donald Trump’s campaign, with stories about celebrities speaking out against him, how he’s scaring children, what gives us hope for the future of America, and also what the state of his adopt-a-highway says about his brand. Those stories are not enough. We have a massive platform of engaged readers who care deeply about the future of our country, and for us to not use that platform to explain the very real harm a Donald Trump presidency would cause to millions of people feels just plain irresponsible.


With just 19 days until the election on Nov. 8, expect to continue seeing more election related coverage on Upworthy.

Our stories will be, as always, empathetic, shareable, and emotional. Using the tools we have, we will empower you, our readers, to vote, to stand up for what you believe in, to start conversations, to believe in progress and hope over fear.


Being Upworthy means talking about big important issues in a human way and standing up for what’s right. If you, too, want to move us toward a political system that doesn’t allow for this kind of dangerous candidate to get to the end of the line, we hope you’ll keep following along.

— Rebecca Eisenberg, Senior Editor

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