Creating a multiple purpose quiz app

How good is your general knowledge? Do you know your Doctor Who from your NHS? Can you tell which planet is the closest to the sun or identify a picture from a single square?

Well now you get a chance to prove it. With Quiz4All it's four quizzes in one including an emoji riddle, a picture quiz, true or false and general knowledge.

Oh and did I mention - you are fighting against the clock. You've got 30 seconds to answer each question. Get it wrong and you get sent straight back to the main menu.

So what is included in the Quiz4All app? It covers a wide range of general knowledge and trivia including SciFi, science, technology, geography, music and more.

Emoji Riddle

We give you a few emoji in a row and you've got to tell us what phrase, movie, tv show, music or other common phrase it is spelling out.

For example: 😡 🐦🐦 is Angry Birds and ‍🤦‍♂️📖 is Facebook.

Image Quiz

We give you a picture and four choices. You have 30 seconds to tell us which one the picture is. Oh and we will gradually reveal the picture. The sooner you get it the more points you get.

They are a mixture of every day objects such as a hammer or spoon to guitars, keyboards, helicopters and a drone. Oh and there are a few animals in for good measure.

True or False

This one is pretty straight forward - it's a simple true or false quiz. One question asks: Game of Thrones is a boardgames for small children.

Another question asks Doctor Who is the name of the NHS website where you get to find details of all British doctors.

Multiple Choice

This is the classic general knowledge format. A question and four answers for you to choose from. How well do you know science and astronomy? What's you geography and history like?

Questions include: What year did Doctor Who first air on British television and Which planet is the closest to the sun.

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