The internet is not mad, angry or upset

My latest pet peeve – and yes I do have many, some that upset me or anger me much more than others – is everywhere and seems to be getting more common every day.

This latest one has led to me leaving comments correcting news headlines.

It is when news sites suggest the “internet” has expressed some kind of emotion. For example “This granddad just got stood up by his date and the internet is mad”.

No. The internet is a platform, it is a tool and is not capable of expressing an opinion or any form of emotion. When it is then we have a serious problem as a species. For now though we are safe.

The above examples came from a Google news search that took a couple of seconds but further examples can be found in Twitter and Facebook captions or YouTube videos.

How can a collection of servers and cables mourn anything? Seriously? Language matters and this annoys me.

People using the internet can express emotion or opinions, even large groups of people can express the same opinion but the internet itself cannot get mad or be mad. All it can do is carry your anger and allow it to be expressed.

In the above example it should read: “This granddad just got stood up by his date and some Twitter users have expressed their anger at the situation”.

I would include “through badly thought out memes and tagging their friends” but that’s a bit harsh.

Yes I accept I’m a grumpy old man.

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