How to confirm you are holding real uquid coin “UQC” token

Step 1: 
Visit website :
and enter your address into search box

Step 1 check UQC

Step 2:
Click “token transfers” it should show “uquid coin” with red icon

Step 2: Red uquid icon with uquid coin name

Sample of Fake UQC token

Fake UQC token

You also can check official contract of UQC : 0xd01db73e047855efb414e6202098c4be4cd2423b

Real contract of UQC

Please note :

  • we are only selling UQC token via our website and never direct sell to anyone via any channel
  • With this ICO: we are no more selling UQC to anyone after 10/11
  • Beware of anyone offer direct selling UQC token for you
  • You are fully responsibility about keep your token safe
  • Please read carefully our “term and conditions” before buy token :

Any support needed please contact us via skype id : or telegram : @uquid