Secure your Uquid Coin (UQC) with Multi-Signature Wallets Bitgo

Uquid coin -UQC now be stored in bitgo wallet

What Is BitGo?

BitGo provides Security-as-a-Service to institutional investors. The company started in Palo Alto, California in 2013. It went on to raise $12m in venture capital funding in 2014, followed by a further $42.5m in 2017.

Most of the cryptocurrency wallets on the market today are not fit for use by banks, companies and other institutions. In general, corporate spending requires more than one authorizing party. Most crypto wallets are designed for use by a single party.

BitGo is the pioneer of multi-signature digital wallets. These wallets require more than one party to sign off on a cryptocurrency transaction without taking custody of the digital assets themselves.

The BitGo software allows a company to create its own policies and procedures for the authorization of payments, which ensures legal compliance with any local legislation governing corporate transactions.

How to send and receive Uquid Coin — UQC in Bitgo?

Uquid coin cold wallet

You only need to create a new ETH address and use this address for sending and receiving UQC

Fee for sending Uquid Coin in Bitgo?

You need to have some amount of ETH to send UQC. This cost will depend on network congestion

If you are looking for a safer solution for Uquid Coin storage we recommend you use the cold wallet Ledger Wallet