Worldwide mobile, Viber credit top-ups directly with Ripple (XRP)

Apr 8 · 3 min read
Recharge your Viber credit with XRP

1. Mobile Credits and Viber now can be top-ups with #Ripple XRP

List of countries can do direct phone credit top-ups with XRP

With #XRP you can make INSTANT Mobile recharge phone from over 600 operators in 150 countries worldwide (full list of countries supported can find in here)

Credit your 5G mobile direct with XRP at
Top-up your phones credits with XRP via uquid system and get bonus — update regular

2. Pay for Bundles with XRP( Mobile data)

Top-ups your mobile data at

Following countries we supported now :

Bangladesh — El Salvador — Guatemala — Honduras — India — Indonesia — Nicaragua — Nigeria — Philippines — Qatar — South Africa

3. Pay for Electricity bill with XRP

Pay bils online at

Country supported : Indonesia

4. Buy Grocery voucher with XRP

Buy Food voucher at

Countries supported : El Salvador — Guatemala

5. Pay for Insurance with XRP

Insurance bills now can pay with XRP at

Country support : Indonesia

6. Buy Pharmacy voucher with XRP

Get instant pharmacy voucher at

Countries supported : Guatemala — Philippines

7. PIN-less call with XRP

Country support : United States

8. Pay for transportation with Ripple (XRP)

Country support : Nicaragua

9. Pay for TV bills with XRP

Pay Tv bills online at

Countries supported : Dominican Republic — Guatemala — India — Philippines

Top-ups your phone now

We will update more services in the near future

Thanks for your support,

Uquid Team

For Press and Business Partners contact:


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