Here we are again. Welcome back to my humble online abode of learning and explanations.

Today was the first day of my JavaScript class ands boy, there was a lot to wrap my head around! Slow and steady is what they say, right? in class we discussed npm testing for our scripts and what a help that little guy was. When you are writing JS you can access your terminal and run some tests to see if the logic of your code works! it’s brilliant. Thanks teach! My Mac came with a terminal built in. I had no idea what…

Welcome one welcome all!! We are back for more code talk!

This week in class we went over some html elements that are very fun to play around with. The one I had the most fun with were the elements that effect how the text was displayed. We learned to italicize, embolden, insert text and a multitude of other options worth checking out! They get pretty helpful along the way.

We have also been using flex box and CSS grid on our projects a lot lately. They both have many uses for whatever web endeavour you fancy. Grid allows for…

This week (a tad late) in Coding!

Normal Document Flow

This week in my class we delved a little deeper into the developer tools built into most browsers nowadays. It’s a super fun once you get the hang of it. With it you can inspect elements of the page ( html and css to the breadth of my knowledge, although I’m likely missing something ) this is handy when you want to see how some attribute given to an element works or what color that footer is to the padding used around said element(s). It’s sick.

Played around with some Google Fonts. It’s…

What a week it’s been! Welcome one and all!!

Let’s get down to it. In this weekly-ish digital delve into the workings of my brain and my bootcamp syllabus, we are touching on many aspects of the web unknown to the likes of my past self of three weeks ago, and many others. Last post I had mentioned ARIA and screen readers. This post we are touching on ways to hide the code those programs use to describe what we see with our eyes and often take for granted. One doesn’t necessarily want all that code to render out on…

Over the past few classes, we have been doing some introductory coding and playing with Git. Let me tell yins, it’s been a little difficult and oftentimes I feel like I haven’t been getting it, then, voila! I do get it. And, with the press of a button, all of the code I have been experimenting with and sweating over gets saved on my local machine and then pushed through, or sent, if you will, to the “cloud.” Once it’s on the “cloud,” my code is up for anyone to look at and/or tinker with.

It’s a pretty helpful little…

this is my first ever post about something but not really anything yet. WE’LL GET TO THAT STUFF ON THE NEXT POST. may light guide your path to knowledge.

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Student of Web Development, Dungeon Master and all around hard worker.

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