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What Is is a decentralized trade and investment platform, created by Ethereum net. is controlled without human participation, and by automated smart contracts with “refusal from ownership” activated function. provides all investors a fair possibility of obtaining high daily dividends from all operations with the token, and cost increase of token with an increase of emission, built into the smart contract, provides high profit by the rate differences in medium-term perspective already. 

 Refusal from smart contracts ownership guarantees non-interference of project developers and any other third parties into platform operation, and all transactions with tokens are entirely transparent because of the used Ethereum net publicity. 

 Distribution of commission from transactions takes your investment in token size into consideration, dividends are charged automatically from all operations online. Funds withdrawal is not limited in any way and possible at any time. 

At smart contract design stage platform, developers put token’s constant price increase. Every next issued token is more expensive than the previous one. All tokens, sold by holders, automatically disappear, changed into ETH according to the current course.

For more information on the project, its mission, and target visit “Manifest”.

Is This Project Worth It?

First of all, economics aims at developing towards automation and decrease of the human role in performing primary business tasks.

Blockchain has turned out to be a perfect substitute for a range of financial specialists’ functional because it represents a more perfect, safe and available decentralized ecosystem. Blockchain conforms to nobody’s personal interest nor any administrators/controllers.

Endless possibilities of smart contracts have given a powerful impulse to new methods of extra profit and passive income obtaining.

Smart contract technology presents mankind a possibility of building relationships based on trust without engaging a third party. This opens new opportunities in the sphere of finance that had been inconceivable before that.

Our automated model of trade and investment platform operates by smart contracts, loaded into blockchain Ethereum with “REFUSAL FROM OWNERSHIP” activated function. Thus, anyone can influence its continuous autonomous operation.

The project provides money safety and total transparency. All transactions are tractable and can be investigated independently.

Smart contract is a bilateral agreement, signed unilaterally. A user can either accepts the terms and proceed with the transaction, or reject the terms and quit the transaction. A smart contract entirely excludes expenses for bank systems operations, because there is no need in paying for administrative charges and labor of dozens, hundreds of thousands of clerks. has an open smart contract code.

Follow these simple steps to use

1. Buy Ethereum. 
2. Adjust MetaMask in our Dapp-application. 
3. Exchange on Ethereum platform into URA tokens. 
4. Add tokens URA in MetaMask. 
5. Get dividends from all following operations with token. You get profits every time when someone buys or sells his/her tokens. 
6. Follow the changes in your investment in cost. The more platform users, the higher the token price. 
7. Reinvest your profits and obtain more profit! Draw your profit out at any time in Ethereum. 

Check out this simple video instruction to learn more about.

Exchange of Ethereum to

You can exchange Ethereum to in our Dapp-application. Insert the quantity of Ethereum, and the system will show you how many you get in case of exchange according to the current exchange course. After you press “Buy”, a MetaMask dialog window will appear. You must necessarily set the gas price (GWEI) to X, or more, and then press “Send”.

Note: Setting a low GWEI leads to the situation when a transaction takes very much time. tokens are charged automatically by the smart contract. 
Reverse exchange of to Ethereum is performed the same way.

Smart contracts require transaction notification for every performed action. All actions, including “Reinvest”, “Withdraw”, “Sell”, “Transfer” etc. require sending transactions “0” ETH. Thus, when you visit here you may see some “0” ETH transactions. You have nothing to worry about!

Detailed Description of Ura Buying Mechanics.

1. You pay 15% commission for every exchange from Ethereum to Ura. It means, if you exchange 10 ETH to, the platform charges you tokens for 8.5 ETH.

2. This commission profit is distributed automatically by the smart contract online for paying dividends to all token holders (10%) and for filling the advertising budget to promote the project at new markets (5%).

3. Differing from cryptocurrency stocks, existing at the market, the platform commission profit covers all token holders and is paid in the form of dividends online. These profits are distributed evenly by the smart contract among the total quantity of issued tokens. Every time, when a user buys or sells tokens, all other token holders get their dividends from every transaction. The sum that a token holder receives depends on the number of tokens in the total emission. All profits are paid in ETH.

4. The token price increase is charged into a smart contract and is regulated automatically in case of tokens purchased. The more users, the more transactions, the higher the token price, and the more dividends. Selling of tokens is subject to 3% commission. These funds are fully transferred to dividends paying to all token holders.

5. Keep on accumulating by reinvesting obtained dividends and get more profit!

6. Get extra profit in ETH by attracting new investors to the project. The referral bonus is 2% of the first investment of the invited investor.

7. Swiftly sell your URA at any time directly back to the platform and obtain ETH according to the current course of tokens.

8. Get pleasure, watching, how your profits and tokens cost changes with time!

Protection and Restrictions

The system which protects the cryptocurrency from the mass entry of large players ("whales") at the initial stage is activated in the platform, eliminating the probability of pressure on the token rate if these players were to leave the project in the future.

Also, such restrictions make it possible to achieve a smooth and continuous increase in emission, without plateaus and falls. This is important for attracting new investors to the platform.

Large investments usually include the participation of large players, which means that they can profoundly influence the project development. Illustrative examples are EOS and Tezos. On the other hand, large numbers of small investments from private investors result in a better distribution (especially if all of them have stakes of up to 1 %).

Even if some form of democracy comes through so that the idea can gain weight, it would be necessary to convince hundreds of thousands of people, not two or three to influence the outcome. This is why such projects are much more stable and open to all investors.

We are absolutely convinced that the company reputation is a crucial element in the crypto market, so all of our strategy and policy is based on total honesty and openness. This factor is, in fact, more important than all of the others put together because it is crucial for the investor when he/she chooses a project.

The smart contracts used for the platform TITLE operation have been audited by the international company NAME. This fact confirms further that the TITLE has no technical vulnerabilities, and the project itself operates according to the originally stated terms and conditions.

For additional protection of the project (for example, from the panic sale of the tokens), we have provided an insurance fund formed by the commission fees from transfer transactions with the token. This fund is designed to smooth sharp depreciation of the token and to protect the project from manipulation and provocation by third parties.

It is essential to understand that in case of tokens issue hadn’t been performed for the project team. has NO pri-mine.

Opposite to fraudulent projects at the cryptocurrency financial market, doesn’t have owners, who control your money, while you are “earning”. doesn’t control your funds, the platform is wholly managed by smart contracts with open source code, that can’t be changed anyhow.

Usually, cheaters make statements on huge guaranteed profits, carefully hiding the essence of their activity at the market. doesn’t give any promises and is totally open and transparent to the system mechanics.


Only fraudsters can guarantee 100% profit at the crypto market. All your activity at this market requires constant monitoring and skepticism. Check out the primary risks associated with the project:

1. Stagnation

The source of life force is the number of transactions and volatility. If the amount of transactions gets slower (fewer purchases and less sells), then the platform starts generating less profit.

Such situation is almost excluded even in a long-term perspective, because the team is engaged in promoting the project at new markets, replenishing the advertisement budget via commission profits of the platform and activity of referral partners.

2. Panic Selling Of Tokens

We can’t exclude purposeful provocations and manipulations, aimed at initiating a panic selling of tokens by holders. Don’t trust the third parties and carefully check the information you receive.

But if the provocation of detractors is successful, you will continue getting profit anyway! It is possible, because of the exit commission (3%) that is fully and automatically distributed among the remaining token holders.

Then you will also get a profit from every purchase when people start buying again. Keep calm in such situations and enjoy the suddenly appeared condition of obtaining a super profit!

Best regards, team