why don’t you take a look at this first?

Langit was sitting on a red plastic chair. She knew that she hated it.

She just felt that it was so annoying to sit all day along on the chair in front of the old stupid computer which always made her wanted to slap it because it was so slow and its internet connection was lame. The school seemed not care to upgrade the wifi and it just made others teachers kept complaining about.

Langit was the librarian. She was not a librarian but the librarian. The librarian who stayed alone in a big room which had a bunch of books, any kind of books that she wanted except manga. Langit was kind of girl who loved visiting bookstore to read, and she enjoyed writing novels, poem and some unspoken words. She was jobless somehow but she got the job in such an almost high or so called off international school which had some rich parents and cute and naughty students. Thanks God, they could be called smart, but also their attitudes were pain in the ass. Well anyway, she was the librarian.

And now she was sitting in front of that stupid computer with a gloomy sleepy eyes.

She had done her jobs. Well perhaps she was a lazy girl but she was just too lazy to just sit around without doing anything. So if she just had works to do, she just directly did it without pending anything. She hated it to see all the papers were spreading on the table. And somehow she just enjoyed working with the photo copy machine as if she were like a wizard who was so expert in doing that job. It was so fast and amazing.

But there was always the day when everything never worked out. Her work mate, the copy machine sometimes was so hard to handle and it transformed her to become a technician who was able to fix anything. Include stuck paper inside the machine. So that’s why, because of her laziness, she just had so many free times. And she used it to sleep, listen to some good songs and of course she watched movies which she downloaded and made others teacher would kept complaining about the wifi. Well she did not care. The school should upgrade, she said.

“So how is your job?” asked her Mom on a phone with Langit. Langit was a lodger who slept in a tiny room and shared 2 toilets with around 20 lodgers. But it was still okay with her, because her lodging was a safe place and it had trees, green grass and of course a dog. And she already stayed there for 6 years. Once she felt convenient, she would not move on.

Langit answered and nodded to her mom. She was happy. She always felt happy when her mom gave a call.

“Mom, I think I will move from this place. I will let you know soon.” Said Langit.

She stayed being the librarian for two years. She did her job well although she had a problem with her face expression. Once his headmaster came and asked to met her. She asked whether Langit enjoyed being there or not. Because she never saw her smile. Smile was the reason why she was called? Langit was just smiling or perhaps smirking but she had nothing to say. “well, I enjoyed being here at least there are so many good books and ya although now-days it just makes me sick but well at least. And about smile, but actually I am not sad or whatever, this is just my normal face.” Langit answered with a low tone and the headmaster just smiled back and well the meeting was over. What she should say anyway.Others thought that she was just carefree or even arrogant or she just did not care. She did not give a damn about that she just did not care. All she wanted to do was to do her job well, got paid, and of course got out from her tiny room.

She always felt that she needed fresh air, a new zone and new environment. She wanted to get our from her safe zone and resigned for her current job which she hated, probably. Although yas she enjoyed there because at least she was alone in her room and stuck with so many readable books. But it just happened for the first month, after that she was just fed up by seeing all those books.

Langit dreamed that she would travel around the world, looked blue sky from many places, took pictures and listened to good music while sitting on the white beach sand.

She wanted to be an author and she liked photograph. She liked those kind of things which parents usually did not agree because those did not give money.

But Langit had a bold mind. She directly said to her parents that she wanted to live the way she wanted. She did not need anyone to point what kind of lives she should have had.

She lived boldly and now she wanted to move to the other town. The town that would give her the same struggle in finding job probably, but she did not care. At least the town had such a beautiful landscape.

She then decided. She booked an airplane ticket and she paid it. She started preparing her stuffs and she got dizzy because she had a lot of books. A lot. She did not know what she would do with those. so she just packed all of her books in to some boxes and she hoped that there would be someone whom she knew, and probably they wanted to go back to her hometown and she could ask them for help to bring along all her stuffs. She hated it if she had to bring many boxes or bags while going home. She just wanted to bring one bag pack and that was all. Sitting on a bus for 9 hours was making her car sick and that was one of the reason why she hated to bring many luggage. The main reason was laziness. She was just too lazy to bring many stuffs.

And after all, there were not people who were willing, so finally she had to bring them all.

And then she resigned her current job, and she spent her days by meeting with her friends. Her best friends whom she would be longing.

She knew that she would be sad. Of course, they spent so many years together and they did a lot of things together. They had been together in many circumstances from the saddest to the happiest. They just spent too much time and sometimes there was a feeling that when we grew older everything was changing. They were not a college anymore and time did fly. We grew older and we just felt that youth was not enough. Playing and laughing would not be enough. It felt like there was something missing and she knew it. She had to go. She had to see other places and found perspective from other people. She needed it and she knew it. And finally friends had their own lives with new job and new friends and langit knew it that they could not be always together forever. Some could get married or whatever. And that was painful sometimes to think that you would separate from your best friend because there was something missing and they were not enough.

And now langit just still had two days before she went back to her hometown. She would visit her hometown first for a month and went back to her lodging for two days and directly flied.

She was sitting on a wooden chair while hugging both of her knees.

-to be continued-