Backed Into A Corner And Crippled By Sanctions, Putin Is Running Out Of Options
Greg Fish

Let me express my opinion from within Russia (Please just believe it) :
1) People here WANT to live like this, Putin only fulfills their will.
2) The society here is unable to live in a free democracy way right now. Putin very correctly builds the system, prepares society for democracy.
3) Corruption here in the national way of life. Nobody here wants, for example, reforms like in Georgia. Putin has nothing to do with it.

4) The situation in society is somewhat similar to Germany in the 1930s. And it’s scary.
5) We, the supporters of European values, are only 15% in the society. We have no chance to move the KGB from control of the country. And you will not succeed either. If you press them too much they can easily start a war.

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