Steven Robinson known as (Bilal), was born on April 16, 1991, in Washington, DC. After an early life of crime, drugs, and violence, he turned to a career as a rapper, excelling to an elite artist with the release of his first single Stop Purpin’ in 2012. One of the major moments in Bilal’s career was the release of that single which channeled raw talent hailing from Washington, DC. Since then Bilal has surpassed expectations being featured on nearly 100 different projects. Bilal has had the pleasure of being covered by multiple local rap blogs DMVTMZ, RealTalkDMV,,, and to name a few. Bilal is a talented and creative artist that expresses his pain and passion in all of his music. Bilal is one who delivers a message on each track for the city’s struggle. Bilal can rock the audience with his stage presence and Rap Swag. He is the next thing smoking in the DMV. While Bilal energetically works on his next hit album, he is working to secure as many local interviews and performances possible.

Growing up Bilal was the oldest of (2) brothers ‘at the time.” Bilal always felt the need to protect his family and look out for his youngest siblings. On many nights, because his single mother worked late, Bilal had to take responsibility for himself and his brothers. Living in the heart of SE he was always exposed to crime, drugs, and violence happening right outside his door, which eventually lured him in. Bilal was first a victim of gun violence when he was shot in the back at his neighborhood High School. Around this same time is when he became interested in rapping. Bilal started out playing around with his friends, making tapes, freestyling, and hanging out on the block. Hanging on the block Bilal witnessed firsthand how easy it seemed to earn money on the corner. Bilal began to do whatever necessary to survive and provide for himself. He was effectuated with the thought of being his own man. Bilal’s dad was incarcerated since he was three months, so he developed this one man stand behavior while in the streets. Trust became a factor and once you don’t trust anyone you develop this beast mentality. After many falling friends, being shot twice, arrested, betrayed and the birth of his kids, Bilal decided to become more focused on his dream and pursue his rap career.

When Bilal first started rapping he began to study the work of Tupac and 50 Cent which inspired him to get focused and stop playing. Tupac’s ability to authenticate himself in real time is what caught Bilal’s attention. If Tupac rapped about it, he lived it, and that’s the inspiration behind Bilal’s music. He refuses to rap about something that he did not experience, and that’s something he holds near and dear to his heart. Rap is a platform for Bilal to share his story as he see it and that’s the art of his music. 50 Cents RAW Gangster talent hit the streets and took over the entire rap game with one album. His music was real, and Bilal could relate. Bilal felt he was living that life that 50 was rapping about, and it gave him hope. Still to this day he admires both Tupac (May he rest in peace) and 50 Cents. Tupac versatility will never be matched, and 50 Cents is a real live rapper that made it while staying true to himself and through the both of them “Bilal was born.”

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