Be less like Baloo

Have you seen Jungle Book yet?

The new one.

I was really disappointed. The special effects were great but I guess it will never live up to the original and a dancing monkey is more funny when you’re 10. Although Baloo singing bare necessities did put a smile on my face!

Anyway, Baloo.

He’s fat.

Why, because he eats too much honey and prickly pears.

Yep, even though he lives in the Jungle he does a bad job of kcal control.

Ok maybe comparing a bear to us might be a little off point but we can still learn a lot from our furry friend.

1. He doesn’t work hard — If you haven’t seem the film or read the book Balloo is incredibly lazy. He does no exercise, gets people to do everything for him and his attitude to life is do less, eat more

’Cause let me tell you something little britches

If you act like that bee acts, uh uh

You’re working too hard’.

2. Just because it’s raw, it can still make you fat — You can still eat yourself into obesity even by eating clean. Just because it’s natural, ‘raw’ or even organic doesn’t mean you can eat loads! Coconut oil, raw cocoa nibs and honey ares seem obvious ones that you have to eat sparingly. And I’m sorry Devina, but swapping sugar for honey isn’t sugar free, who writes her books! Sorry off topic.

3. He doesn’t do his weight training — Baloo only walks around slowly. You see there’s nothing wrong with walking but when it comes to weight loss by only doing cardio you end up chain your tail, or the kcals you burn form exercising are easily replaced with eating. Whereas weights also build muscle. This is far better for fat loss as the more muscle you have the more kcal you burn at rest. So start pumping some iron :)

4. He doesn’t get enough protein — our jungle bear only gets his protein from ants, which simply isn’t enough compared to Sher Khan who eats man cubs. Like I mentioned above, maintaining or building muscle helps you lose fat, and getting enough protein is the easiest way to do this. If you’re not in to man cubs or any meat or fish, then combine veg sources to ensure it’s complete (rice/pea/hemp). Or you could even add the BCAA leucine (all natural).

5. He makes excuses — It’s never his fault and there’s always an excuse to NOT do something….. Don’t be like this, find reasons why you should do something, not why you can’t.

But who am I to judge, if all you’re after is the bare necessities then great however, if you want to lose your pooch, get fitter, feel more confident and get back on track for this Summer then let me help:

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Jack ‘being less like Baloo’ Braniff

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