From A to Z

EDITION 6: Sascha Grewe & Bielefeld

Typhography — especially letters — are his thing. Consequently he calls himself “Buchstabenfabrikant”, decided to bring his 26 beloved characters into tangible existence and created a wide range of stools, cupboards or objects in his favourite shape since 2010, from A to Z. And till the fifth anniversary of Grewe’s 26 friends, “&” and “!” accompany the collection and all can be found on Art Can Break Your Heart.

Lecturer on Plastic Design in Detmold but based in Bielefeld, he is one of the city’s local patriots in HEIMATDESIGN — Guide to the West.

For all letter lovers — in both senses of the word— wandering around, the concept store BREVI MANU offers everything the heart desires. And who is up for some second hand & vintage design doesn’t want to miss Ruempelstilzchen (in German: Rümpelstilzchen, which is a pretty funny play on words, hihi).