EDITION 7: Achim Schmitz & Cologne

“A man does not look disguised when wearing a really good suit” — strictly following his credo Achim Schmitz is the man to ask for when it comes to suits. More specific YOUR suit — out of 600 fabrics and 200 designs from rustic charme to sportive elegance, he will be at your side to make the right choice. Since 2008 Herrenbude, situated in a neat backyard in Cologne/Ehrenfeld, opened its doors also for well-sorted casual wear items like shirts, trousers and shoes. And to look for some design furniture, suitable to rest after a succesful stop over at Herrenbude, Schmitz entrusts you to Marcel Struck & Exquisit.

But even if Herrenbude —as the name itsself already makes it cristal clear — aims at gentleMEN, Schmitz wouldn’t dare to miss also a recommendation in HEIMATDESIGN — Guide to the West especially for the ladies: Le Pop Lingerie

And for a bit more rocky designs, go and find out the newest creations at rock-it-baby before/after adjourning for a coffee or snack at FUNKHAUS .