Lomé, at the vanguard of a food revolution in Africa?

By 2030, world population will increase by 3 billion people, 95% in developing countries, food production will have to double. This trend and its potential impact, as the challenge of managing this impact will be particularly pronounced in the rapid urbanizing regions, such as sub-Saharan Africa. According Chaléard and Dubresson in West Africa and particularly center, cities, small and medium multiply; the influence of urban markets for rural production is increasing, people are increasingly mobile.

Various forces are pushing urban agricultural production to increase their share in the food supply of the cities in this region, including the fact that in urban areas, it invokes the growing distrust of citizens consumers towards original food distant and the benefit that can derive urban productions, close to their market.

According to the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) in 1996, for ten years, urban agriculture is recognized as a major issue in terms of supply of cities, employment and management urban environment. We note in our cities untapped areas, abandoned. Today, the inhabitants of the earth are facing many health problems with many causes including the consumption of food from plants grown with pesticides or preserves which we know neither the origin nor the manufacturing conditions. As a solution to these problems, the Startup Urbanattic proposes to recover these lands and develop them there by growing crops, specifically organic vegetables, based on the concept that the city would be its own attic, the labor already being disponible.However, organic farming is not easy to achieve, it requires additional costs compared to the one that committed the pesticides and chemical fertilizers. So selling prices are expensive and inaccessible to everyone. For this, the target market of the Startup consists mainly of expatriates, the high and middle Togolese classes. For now, restaurants and cafeterias of some schools and supermarkets in the city of Lomé, are major prospects. To get in touch with them, a poll was organized and is being implemented.

Adillah Ali, Agricultural Economist, “Ecole Supérieure d’Agronomie”/University of Lomé. Responsible of markets research in team Urbanattic.