Proudly Kenyan; Snack Edition

A little bit of salt, a little bit of sweet, a little bit of savory… there’s nothing like a snack to hold you down in between meals or keep you company while you catch a movie. We have a few favourites;

Mahindi choma

Mahindi choma in all it’s glory. Image Courtesy.

Top of our list is corn on the comb, grilled over an open fire (or on a grill if you’re feeling a litu fancy). It’s fine if you don’t have a grill though, hehe, or a jiko… there’s always a mahindi choma guy around the corner. We like ours with a sprinkling of pepper and a dash of lemon. Talk of tangy deliciousness.

Smokie | boiled eggs

There’s enough for everyone. Image courtesy.

We have to agree with us, the Kenyan experience is not complete without either or both of these snacks. The best part is that there is always a vendor around serving warm smokies and eggs, with a nice serving of Kachumbari. Kachumbari can uplift even the most bland of meals, but in this case elevates this protein rich snack into heavenly status.


It’s time to dig in! Photo of mutura, courtesy.

Every successful butcher knows a little mutura goes a long way after a hard day; which should explain why you will find him grilling this snack (intestines filled with mince meat) as you head home from work. We like our mutura served with a little chilli. How do do you like yours?

ProTip: buy your mutura in smaller servings instead of one large serving, this way you get great value (read ‘quantity’) for your money.