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“Create your own node, and collect your rewards …”

URBC Mining Service


All purses with more than 5000 URBC have access to UrbanCash’s POW mining.
Thus obtaining a reward for each block found.

Web Wallet UrbanCash , try now …

Listed at Citex exchange
Airdrop 100K — URBC
Register now at https://www.citex.me

Urbancash — URBC is a descentralize digital currency with a market value subjets to its utility by society. Provides the opportunity to manage small, medium and big companies and generate extra income easy.

Get paid in your business ussing URBC and grow quickly

Originally published at https://urbancash.org.



Simplify, use UrbanCash, the Future of Urban Currency for Everyone, Everywhere and Everything.

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