ICO Update — Jun 21 2017

ICO Update — Jun 21 2017 Here is the progress of the Initial Coin Offerings that we are following. Please go to https://urbancrypto.com/ongoing-icos/ for a full list of Ongoing ICOs.

Wagerr ICO Update — Jun 21 2017

The Wagerr ICO is coming to its end soon. It may hit its hard cap as the ICO is in its final round and only another 4.5 million coins are available at a rice of $0.10 per coin If it does not sell out, it will end on June 25th. I would be surprised if that was what happens. If you find this blockchain based betting site, you better look at it now.
To see more about Wagerr and their ICO: https://urbancrypto.com/wagerr-wgr-sports-betting-on-the-blockchain/
To follow the progress of the ICO click here http://www.wagerr.com/ico

DCORP ICO Update — Jun 21 2017

The Dcorp ICO is coming to an end as well. The ICO is set to end in one day and fifteen hours at the time of this publication. Although it has not come close to its hard-cap of 9.5 million it has raised 3 million. If you remember, the companies main goal was to raise around 1.3 million minimum to fund their seed project. So in that respect, it has been a successful ICO.
I still find the governance structure of DCorp intriguing and wonder if all blockchain based ICO companies should work this way. If you are not familiar with the structure of the company have a look at our profile by clicking the link below.

The DCorp ICO will end shortly. This is your last chance to research and make a decision.

To read more on DCORP: https://urbancrypto.com/dcorp-drp-derivatives-exchange-profile/
To follow the progress of the ICO click here https://www.dcorp.it/crowdsale

Sphre (Air) XID Token ICO Update — Jun 21 2017

The Shpre — Air ICO continues to move along at a slow pace. We have not seen much growth in the contributions to their ICO. The company has already stated that they are happy with the results so far and that was over a week ago.They have issued about 20 million coins, which is around 40% of their hard cap.

The crowdsale moves along with a total of:
1552.86570228 BTC
821 Participants
994 Transactions

To read more about Sphre click https://urbancrypto.com/sphre-token-xid-the-air-platform/
To follow the progress of the ICO click here https://tokeninvestor.com/crowdfunding/air

Giga Watt ICO Update — Jun 21 2017

The Giga Watt ICO moves along ith slow contributions coming in. They have issued 10,376,039 tokens and the current rate is $1.05 per token. So they have raised over 10 million dollars which in itself is a huge accomplishment. The ICO period is one of the longer ones we have seen and we will see how far they go with 40 days left for this Blockchain-based Mining Solution

To read more on Giga Watt click https://urbancrypto.com/giga-watt-wtt-profile/
To follow the crowdsale click: https://cryptonomos.com/wtt/

FUND YOURSELF NOW ICO Update — Jun 21 2017
Fund-Yourself-Now, a blockchain based crowdfunding platform launched its ICO on June 17th with a period of 46 days. Their hard-cap is 7.5 million FYN tokens or about 65,000 ETH which at current market prices is approximately 22 million dollars. Contributions have come in at a consistently slow pace, I find this ICO interesting and if you are not familiar with it, have a look by clicking the link below:

Contract Overview | FundYourselfNow
ETH Balance: 3,735.944844052824203256 Ether
ETH USD Value: $1,185,265.86 (@ $317.26/ETH)
No Of Transactions: 471 txns + 5 internalTxns

To read more about the Fund Yourself Project Now click here.https://urbancrypto.com/fund-yourself-now-crowdfunding-platform-profile/

21Million ICO Update — Jun 21 2017

21 Million is the world’s first Blockchain Indy TV Series. They have set their hard cap at 23,809 ETH and their minimum goal of 1,587 ETH. There has been barely any contributions in the past few days. They have raised over $650,000 which seem like enough for them to start production.

Raised: 181.83 ETH
Issued: 860312.1647616347 21M
Participants: 228

To follow the 21Million ICO click here: https://www.21million.co.uk/

Status Network Update — June 21 2017

We were going to write a profile about Status, but decided not to because the start of the ICO was a mess. We will be posting today our review of the ICO on our blog at https://urbancrypto.com/blog/

As far as the crowdsale of the Status Network, it was a great success as the company, which had a soft cap of 12 million Swiss Francs raised 300,000 ETH which is about $95,000,000. I am sure that even though the ICO was off to a very rough start, Status is more than satisfied with the results of the sale.

Civic Update — June 21 2017

As of the time of this post, we have not written a profile of Civic, but we will have an ICO review as soon as the crowdsale ends.For those not familiar with Civic, we will just paste here who they are with a quote from their site:

“Civic’s model allows for on-demand, secure and lower cost access to identity verification via the blockchain. Background and personal information verification checks may no longer need to be undertaken from the ground up every time a new institution or application requires one. Civic already has a working identity verification product that is available worldwide”

The ICO was for 33 million dollars worth of CVC tokens that cost $.10 each. So they are selling 333 million tokens out of a total of one billion available. We will explain in our post where the other 667,000,000 tokens are going to be distributed. By the way, 66% of the 333 million tokens were pre-sold. So really they are only selling $11 million dollars worth.

These are the numbers of the ICO per their site at https://tokensale.civic.com/
Cap: 33,000,000 USD
Current Sales: 27,808,850 USD Sold
1,347.79 BTC
10,054.77 ETH

It looks like the crowdsale part of the Civic ICO is a great success. Keep an eye out for our post after the crowdsale to see the structure and how I perceive the ICO in general.

ICO Update — Jun 21 2017

For a more comprehensive list of ongoing ICOs please visit here: https://urbancrypto.com/ongoing-icos/

We will be adding more companies to this list in the near future.

We have updated our list of upcoming ICOs and it is extensive. We have added links to the companies websites and whitepapers where available. For a completely comprehensive list click here: https://urbancrypto.com/upcoming-icos/

We anticipate uploading Profiles on the following upcoming ICOs in the next few days:
Populous — Invoice and Trade Finance
Status.im — Mobile Client Targeting
Corion — The Gateway to the Crypto World
Hive Project — Currency Invoice Financing Platform
OpenAnx — Decentralized Exchange
PrimalBase — Distributed Workspace for Tech Community
MyBit — Decentralized Asset Management
OmiseGo — eWallet Platform

If there is an ICO that you would like to see a Profile that we have not listed, please let us know and we will do our best to provide it ASAP.

ICO Update — Jun 21 2017

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