Progressive Apps Has Nothing To Do With Political Ideology, Everything With Technology

Before anyone makes any regretful statements, please listen first before sharing your statement. Progressive apps has nothing to do with any political ideology and everything to do with technology.

Today we have native mobile apps, progressive web apps and mobile websites. A progressive app essentially combines the best of both mobile apps and mobile websites into one. Lets make it plain. With a progressive app you’ll get the native app functionality that functions in a web browser.

Now without geeking out or boring you with a bunch of technical jargon, lets try to summarize what makes this possible. Progressive apps are made possible by a technology called Service Worker.

In brief, Service Worker allows the app to run JavaScript in a mobile browser which allows for a web app to perform native app functions such as push notifications, allows users to add your app to their mobile phone’s home screen, it allows certain data to be viewable offline and although we love the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, a progressive app allows your app to live within the cloud instead of their store. Since we mentioned Apple and Google it’s important that we mention Mozilla has began adopting this technology.

Mobile apps is the future of small businesses and other arenas as well. A mobile app is no longer a ‘nice to have option’ it’s quickly becoming a requirement for small businesses wanting to compete. Having your own mobile app shouldn’t have to cost the same as a mid-sized sedan or more, and shouldn’t be a wish or just a dream for women-owned and minority-owned small businesses any longer. Soon it will be that you must go mobile or go out of business. We want you to remain in business.

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